Midweek Glow Spa Day at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

Midweek Glow Spa Day at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

Midweek Glow Spa Day at Bedruthan Hotel & Spa

We popped to Bedruthan Hotel & Spa this week to experience their ‘Midweek Glow Spa Day’ and oh my…it was such a lovely experience. If you live in Cornwall, or if you are ever visiting Cornwall, then it is honestly a must try!

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

We were very kindly gifted this experience, but if you are a regular reader of Life Unexpected you will know just how much we love Bedruthan.

We have stayed at the hotel a couple of times before (it’s the most family friendly hotel we have ever stayed in) and as it’s only about forty minutes from our home anyway, we often pop up for lunch in the Wild Cafe or to use the spa and pool facilities. 

Midweek Glow at Bedruthan

As you will probably know, we have recently had another baby. We are four months into our second round of parenting and I you can just imagine how much we have both been craving a little ‘us time’ and a little ‘relaxation time’.

Also, who doesn’t love the idea of popping to a spa for a midweek treat? We honestly loved this experience and I cannot wait to share it with you.

So, what is the Midweek Glow?

The Midweek Glow Spa Day is currently on offer at £85pp until the 30th of June! The package has been carefully designed to reenergise your body and nourish your skin and it includes:

  • A 45 minute Glow treatment (Tui Na massage techniques with a nourishing application of the Cornish Seaweed Company’s seaweed oil, and a rejuvenating mini facial including exfoliation with Pinks Boutique Bamboo and Oatmeal Polish and Green Clay scalp massage.)
  • A spa deli lunch served in the Wild Café
  • Free use of the luxury spa from 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm

You can find out more about it here: Midweek Glow Spa Day.

We were booked in for an afternoon spa day and arrived just after 1pm, after dropping our littles to his Nana for the day.


As soon as we arrived in the hotel we headed straight to the Wild Cafe where we were booked in for a deli style lunch. The cafe was super quiet so we managed to bag ourselves a window table in the ‘adults’ side of the cafe.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

As I mentioned above, Bedruthan is the most family friendly hotel I’ve ever visited. But, one thing I love about them is that they also really focus on ‘adults’ getting some much needed ‘you time’.

With this in mind they’ve cleverly split the Wild Cafe into two sections. One side is for families and the other side is for adults only.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

This means that if you are a hotel resident, when your kids are enjoying the kids club you can get some much needed ‘adult time’ without being disturbed by other families. Also, if you are a non-resident and are having a child free day, you can also enjoy the quieter ‘adults only’ areas of the hotel.

How lovely is that?

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel
Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

Deli Style Lunch

We’ve eaten a few times before at Bedruthan, but we’ve never tried their deli style lunch.

It was so good! Firstly, the kitchen brought us some bread and oils as well as crudités and hummus.

Then we popped up to the buffet style ‘deli lunch’ area, to choose our food. You can ‘build your own lunch’ and you are honestly spoilt for choice! You can choose from a whole range of pastries and sandwiches and you can also build your own ‘buddha style’ salad bowl.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel
Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

It was really hard not to pick everything. We were honestly both so impressed by the options available and I couldn’t get over how delicious and flavoursome the food was.

Bedruthan never disappoints us! Just look at that spread.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

When you’ve had your lunch, you can also go back up to the deli and help yourself to a sweet treat. Oh my goodness, it was so hard to choose!

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

The sweet treats were honestly out of this world. Aitan is a huge doughnut fan so he tucked into a nutella and raspberry doughnut.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

I couldn’t resist trying a millionaire shortbread and they were seriously the most delicious desserts we’ve ever had!

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

I’m not sure if they were homemade or not, but both of our sweet treats were really rich and flavoursome.


After our lunch we headed down to the spa. The spa package gives you access to all the spa facilities for four hours. We were so excited!

Four hours of pure relaxation time, after four months of having a newborn baby, was very much needed. Even better, our slot fell between two and six o clock, which Bedruthan classes as the ‘chill’ time.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

We started off our spa journey in the indoor pool. Bedruthan has both indoor and outdoor pools that you can take advantage of while you are in the spa.

Unfortunately it was a bit chilly to use the outdoor pool on our visit, so we stayed inside for the duration of our experience.

Luckily, the spa happened to be really quiet and a lot of the time we had the facilities to ourselves. We felt so jammy!

The pool areas are open to families all day long, so do expect kids to be around. However, again, Bedruthan have cleverly created a ‘separate’ spa area which is for adults only.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

So, after a dip in the pool you can escape back to the quiet spa zone, for some pure, blissful, peace and quiet!

Adults Only Spa Area

We spent most of our time in the spa area, where you’ll find a caldarium, an extra large hydropool with views over the sea, a eucalyptus steam room and a cedar wood sauna.

In addition to all of these facilities, Bedruthan also has an outdoor ‘Sensory Spa Garden’. You do need to book in for this as an extra, but it’s so worth it! We tried out the ‘Spa Garden’ on our last visit. You can read my review all about it here:

When we arrived at the spa, I had forty five minutes till my treatment, so I took full advantage of all the facilities.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

There are also sofas and loungers dotted all around the spa area, magazines and bottomless fruit tea, so you can truly spend a lot of time relaxing.

It was honestly so nice just to get some ‘us time’. We haven’t had couple time or alone time in so long, so even without the treatments, this was pure bliss! We did find it so weird to be without a baby at first though, so it did take us a while to get into pure ‘relaxation’ mode.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

Tui Na Massage

At 3pm I headed to reception for my treatment. Aitan was booked in for 5pm, which meant we also got some solo spa time, which was really lovely.

When I got to reception, I was then guided into the treatment area where I met with my therapist.

One thing I will say about Bedruthan is that the staff are so welcoming and lovely. We are always made to feel so relaxed whenever we come and nothing is too much for them!

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

The ‘Midweek Spa’ treatment included a full body massage which uses Tui Na massage tecnhiques (pinch and pull).

It also included the application of the Cornish Seaweed Company’s seaweed oil, which is seriously lovely on your skin.

Not only that, but you also get to have a rejuvenating mini facial which includes exfoliation and a scalp massage.

It was honestly blissful!

Both Aitan and I said the same thing, although the treatment was 45 minutes long, it honestly felt like we were in there for hours. We both came away feeling incredibly relaxed, so much so Aitan even fell asleep mid-treatment.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshed we felt after our spa day! Even lovelier, just as we were leaving, the sun peeped its head out, turning the grey, mizzly day into a sunny and warm one. We made the most of the stunning views and had a walk around the grounds before heading home to collect our little one from his Nana.

If we didn’t have him to get to, we probably would have stopped for a drink or dinner. It really is so perfect here.

Midweek Glow Spa Day Bedruthan Hotel

Thank you so much Bedruthan for inviting us to this spa day. We are incredibly grateful and came away feeling so relaxed and refreshed!

To everyone else, if you are looking for even more ‘spa’ recommendations, Bedruthan also has an adults only ‘sister’ hotel which is just next door. We love that hotel equally as much.

The Scarlet also has incredible spa facilities, a beautiful pool and a delicious restaurant. You can read my review of one of their spa packages here:

What do you think of the spa facilities at Bedruthan Hotel? Would you like to experience the Midweek Glow?



  1. June 25, 2019 / 3:24 pm

    I could do with this right now – it looks like you had a great day x

  2. June 25, 2019 / 5:32 pm

    Looks fun and relaxing! what a great treat !! x

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