It’s never too late to chase your dreams. Even if you have a full time job, a full on life, a family.

Have you ever wanted to retrain? Do something that you’ll know you love? But, you just don’t have the time or the money to study.

I’ve always dreamt of being a writer. That was always my dream. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of penning a best selling novel or a collection of children’s books.

But life got in the way. When I enrolled in uni, I was too afraid to do the creative writing course I always wanted to do. I was scared of being judged on my writing skills, which now seems so silly.

So, instead I enrolled in a mediocre course I knew I could sail through. After uni came various jobs and a family. Yet, during all of those years, writing always remained my dream.

It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams

What’s your dream? Maybe you want to be a councillor, a photographer, a psychologist, a nutritionist, a teacher. Whatever it is, its never too late to chase your dreams.

I thought that it was too late for me. I’m 27, I have a child, a full on job. When am I going to have time or money to go back to study?

NCC approached me at the perfect time and asked me if I’d like to review one of their courses. When I saw that they had a creative writing course available, I couldn’t resist.

NCC Courses

The NCC offer hundreds of online home learning courses, that you can do in your own time. Whether you’d love to do a course in business, marketing, writing, teaching, health and fitness, sciences or anything else, you are sure to find a course to help you chase your dreams.

At the end of the course you have not only learnt in-depth about your chosen subject, but you also gain a qualification that could potentially help you embark on a career change, or to go for the job of your dreams.

Flexible Learning

Maybe you’re a parent and can only study in the evening when your child is in bed. Maybe you have a full time job and weekends are the only time you’re available to do a course.

The NCC courses are accessible to you at all times. You can hop on and study whenever is suitable for you. Maybe it’s perfect for you to do as you commute in the mornings, maybe on your lunch break or even when your child is at nursery.

You gain qualifications without having to give up work, and without incurring student debt. You can choose where you study. From your sofa, to the local coffee shop or a library. Anywhere that is comfortable for you. With NCC Courses, studying fits around your life, your work and your family.

Easy To Follow Courses

I’ve now enrolled onto a creative writing course and I’m part way through my studies already. I love how easy to follow the courses are. You are studying on your own, so having an simple lay out is a must.

Each module is easy to find in the sidebar, so you can just click through to the next lesson when you are ready. 

Each module contains a PDF that can be read online, or downloaded for use without wifi. Each PDF contains a different lesson and exercises for you to complete.

The PDF Modules cover several different topics and give you in-depth information before you get to the exercises. If you get stuck or need help at any point, then tutors are available to help you.

The friendly team are available by e-mail or phone should you need help or advice at any point during your course. At the end of your course you sit a test, again from the comfort of your home. Should you pass, you receive your qualification.

Chasing My Dreams

So far I’m really enjoying doing the creative writing course. I’ve learnt so many new things already and I love dipping in and out of the course most evenings, to complete another module.

I’m really excited about what the future is going to bring. A best selling novel doesn’t seem so unattainable anymore. I’m writing a lot more on my own and have already started drafting plots for my children’s books.

Keep an eye out for my next post when I complete the course.

What is your dream job? Would an NCC course benefit you? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Romeca says:

    I’ve always wanted to study at home but I just can’t figure out what it is I want to do! Thanks for this post! I’m off to take a look now xx

  • Cass Bailey says:

    I completely agree – I’m just starting a degree course now x x

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