New Dad Survival Kit

New Dad Survival Kit

New Dad Survival Kit

This week I put together a ‘New Dad Survival Kit’ for Aitan and it went down so well and he loved it so much, that he told me I had to share it here in case anyone else wanted some inspiration in putting one together.

Do you have a ‘dad to be’ in your life? Have you ever thought about putting together a ‘new dad survival kit’ for them?

We are only a few weeks away from our little baby boy arriving now. Honestly, the nerves are starting to really creep in. I know that sounds so silly, because I have a child already. But, she’s almost five years old now and I definitely cannot remember anything about those early newborn days and even how to look after a newborn baby.

New Dad Survival Kit

Did anyone else feel this way too? I hope parenting a newborn is one of those things that just comes back to you. Please say it is!

I’m definitely not as nervous as Aitan though. He’s so scared! This is literally going to be his first EVER experience of a newborn baby. 

He’s such an incredible step-dad to Evie so I know he’s going to be fine. But, he only first met her when she was entering the toddler stage, so he’s going to be very new to the whole sleepless nights and endless nappy changes thing that come with a new baby. 

New Dad Survival Kit

Because he is going to be a dad for the first time, I really wanted to do something sweet for him. There is always so much fuss on a ‘mum to be’ isn’t there? But dads tend to get forgotten a little. 

So, this week I created him a ‘New Dad Survival Kit’.

Now this ‘daddy to be survival kit’ is a little bit of a joke present, but at the same time there are some super cute elements to it and one thing I love about it, is that it’s actually practical and it’s really going to come in handy for him, especially during those early newborn days. 

Here’s what I put inside…

New Dad Survival Kit

New Dad Survival Kit

  • Baby Instructions (a joke)
  • A Book To Read To Baby
  • Emergency Coffee
  • An Energy Drink
  • Emergency Whisky (a joke)
  • Breakfast For On The Go
  • Ear Plugs (a joke)
  • Gloves (a joke)
  • Peg (a joke)
  • A Face Mask
  • A Bath Bomb
  • Chocolate
  • A Diary

The gloves and peg were a bit of a jokey element to the box. Mostly because Aitan is freaking out a little bit about having to change nappies, but the rest is actually going to come in handy.

New Dad Survival Kit
New Dad Survival Kit

Especially breakfast on the go, an emergency coffee and a good excuse to have some ‘relaxation time’ alone.

I also wanted to include the diary because I know all too well how forgetful you become when you’re tired.

New Dad Survival Kit

I found the baby instructions on google and I downloaded them and printed them out, but I made the actual printed checklist myself.

You can download that here if you wanted to replicate this for yourself.

New Dad Survival Kit

Daddy/Son Book

My favourite thing about this ‘New Dad Survival Kit’ has to be the book. I really wanted to find him a book about a dad and a son, but everything I found in regular book stores was a bit to ‘cheesy’. They were all along the lines of ‘I love my Dad because…’

New Dad Survival Kit

But then I stumbled across this beautiful ‘father/son’ book in the shop ‘The White Company’. It has a lovely moral to it and its about a father lion teaching his son to one day grow up and become the leader of the pack. It’s actually a really lovely book for father/son bonding and Aitan is so excited to get to read this to our little baby when he comes.

So, that was the contents of Aitan’s ‘New Dad Survival Kit’. Feel free to take any of these ideas as inspiration for your own daddy to be kit.

What do you think of this ‘New Dad Surival Kit’? Would you make your other half a dad-to-be or mum-to-be survival kit? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. January 17, 2019 / 1:45 pm

    this is such a lovely idea! wish i’d thought to do this with danny but i was all about me at that stage hahah, might try this out next time. too cute x

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