Have you heard that we have moved house? I seriously cannot tell you how much we love our new house.

We’ve been in our new house for just over a month now and so far we have finished making the kitchen, dining and living areas exactly how we want them to be. Next up we are decorating the bedrooms, starting with the kids room.

Kids Nursery Makeover

Because Lior and Evie will be sharing a room and it’s not too big, we are getting them custom made bunk beds built in, built in storage and built in bookshelves, so we can maximise the floor space that they have for playing.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for their room makeover and I promise I’ll do a post sharing all about it!

Lily and Coco

At the moment we’re waiting on builders, but while we’re waiting, we have picked up some accessories based on our room theme.

I have to say, with the age gap of 5 years and two different genders, it has been so hard choosing a theme that’s both gender neutral and not too babyish.

We were going to go for a safari themed room, but after much debate from Evie, we’ve settled for a magical cloud, moon and stars theme.

Lily and Coco

During my search for nursery accessories, my friend Cindy from Lily and Coco, kindly asked if she could gift us a few pieces from her store.

She didn’t ask for any coverage, but I really wanted to write this blog post, because her products are honestly stunning!

Lily and Coco

If you haven’t heard of Lily and Coco before, it’s a small online ‘mum run business’ that specialises in handmade, nursery decor pieces. The business is run by maker Cindy and I’ve had her Instagram page favourited for a VERY long time now.

I can’t even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was when her package arrived. We thought we were getting a couple of small pieces but she kindly gifted us; two cloud cushion rattles, an embroidered moon hoop and a star garland.

Lily and Coco

Cloud Rattles

Lily and Coco

I’m going to share with you a little bit about each item because they are honestly, so unique and lovely!

First up I want to share the cloud cushion rattles. Yup, rattles! Isn’t that such a lovely touch and how beautiful are these? They not only look lovely, but they sound really sweet too. When you wiggle them, they make such a soft jingling sound.

Lily and Coco

Every single cushion comes with a free personalisation and Cindy kindly embroidered both Evie and Lior’s names on the back of our cushions.

I love her font style, especially how she did the E for Evie. Isn’t it lovely?

Names aren’t the only way you can customise your cushions either. You can also choose between five ‘Liberty of London’ fabric choices; Betsy in light pink, Wiltshire in berry pink, Betsy P in blue, Capel in Navy Blue and Theo A in pink.

The two we have are Besty (the one for Evie) and Theo (for Lior).

Lily and Coco

The fabrics are absolutely beautiful and Evie is made up with her choice (anything pink or floral is a big win for her). But, I also really love Lior’s with the little crabs on it too. The details are so sweet.

Lily and Coco

I have to say, Lior is absolutely obsessed with his rattle. He’s just gotten to the age where he’s picking everything up and banging it to see what it does and the fact that this is not only snuggly (he’s a big snuggler), but noisy too, is a big win in his eyes.

Lily and Coco

When he’s done playing with it (I doubt he will be for a very, very long time), his cushion is going to go and sit in the book corner.

We had the same intention for Evie’s, but she’s been using hers as both a pillow AND a toy for her dolls at the moment, which is such a cute idea!

Star Garland

Lily and Coco

Next we were sent a really lovely handmade stars garland. This is going to hang on our bookshelves, when we get them built in, but for now it’s draped over Evie’s easel.

Cindy really kindly personalised the colours of these for us. She does have a selection of garlands on her Etsy store, including this stars one and a clouds one. But, if you choose the stars garland, she can also customise the colours to match with your nursery theme.

I really wanted to put some ‘greens’ and ‘pinks’ together as this is the colour scheme we’re going for in the kids room. I briefly mentioned this to Cindy and she picked colour that fit with our scheme so perfectly!

Lily and Coco

This garland is such high quality! It has been hand sewn with a mix of pure wool and viscose felt and the stars are mounted on a white silky thread. I also love that you can adjust the distance between the stars to suit your room design.

Cindy also includes a loop at each end for hanging, which is so helpful! Aren’t they adorable?

Moon Hoop

Lastly we were sent this, ‘Goodnight Moon’ embroidery hoop art. I don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful it is. Cindy is so talented!

Lily and Coco

I am really in love with this little hoop and my pictures don’t do it justice at all. The moon itself is stuffed with a filling so it really stands out, giving it an extra dimension of detail.

I can’t wait for us Lior to upgrade from his bedside crib and move into Evie’s room, so we can hang this up above his cot.

The hoop is completely handmade embroidered and comes complete with a pompom tassel. The pompom tassel also comes in a choice of colours, so you can choose a colour that matches with your nursery.

I love how much you can personalise all of these products!

The sleepy moon face can also be personalised and you can choose if you’d like the face with or without the cheek and mouth.

One thing I really love is that the back of the hoop is finished with felt to stop scratches on the wall and gives a lovely soft finish. We’ve had hoops before that have left marks, so just this added detailing is so welcome.

Finally, the hoop is finished with a satin ribbon for hanging. You can really see how much love and effort have gone into each of these items, just by the choices and detailing that comes with them.

Discover More

I don’t think this post does Lily and Coco enough justice. You really need to go and check out the rest of her store to see the other unique products that she does.

Lily and Coco

She also does some lovely rain cloud pieces, with rainbow attachments that I’m tempted to also get for our book corner. Go and have a peek to see what I mean!

Lily and Coco

You can discover more of Cindy’s beautiful collection on Lily and Coco’s etsy store and Instagram page. Find them here:

What do you think of these decorative pieces rom Lily and Coco? Let me know below!


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