Pampers have been our trusty nappy brand of choice ever since Evie graced us with her beautiful presence.

We have always bought the Pampers Active Fit nappies and they’ve always suited us perfectly.

When we were asked to review the latest in the Pampers range, the Pampers ‘Baby-Dry Pants’, we jumped at the chance. 

Pampers Baby Dry

With potty training on the horizon and a very active toddler, who has decided that nappy changing is now a sport for her parents, the idea of pant like nappy seemed very appealing.

But don’t think that Pampers Baby-Dry Pants are just for little ones who are potty training.

They can be used from age 10 months onwards, and with the easy-to-change pant they make nappy changing so much easier for when your little baby suddenly turns into a mobile wriggle machine!

Evie is 20 months old and these nappies are perfect for not only teaching Evie about pants, but it also means that we don’t need to wrestle a giggling, cheeky toddler every time we need to change her.

After trying out the nappies for a few days, we found that they really didn’t disappoint. Just like other Pampers nappies they’re extremely absorbent, have cute little designs on them, and they really do have the 12 hours of promised dryness.

Pampers Baby Dry Pants

If you’re like us and love your sleep, then that 12 hours of dryness is more than welcome, as it means no more late night nappy changes!

Evie typically goes to bed at 7pm and, if we’re lucky, doesn’t wake again till 7am. 

We tested these nappies for a couple of nights and even though they were very full in the morning, there were absolutely no leaks! Hooray!

We also found them a lot easier to use when we were out and about.

Don’t you find that nappy changing when you’re out can sometimes be a bit of a mission? Trying to find changing rooms, trying to change them quickly on those high, small and uncomfortable tables? 

These nappies were so appreciated. It cut the time of the nappy change and also meant that if we couldn’t find a table, we could easily just change Evie standing up in a regular toilet. They’re easy to pull up, easy to take off and are all around perfect for active toddlers.  

The stretchy waistbands are brilliant. They feature 360 degree waist elastics and leg cuffs for an all-round fit. Little miss active sometimes gets little marks on her sides from her regular nappies, but these pant like nappies seemed to move with her body more than the others and we are happy to report that there were no marks.

We’ve have officially been converted! The Pampers Baby-Dry Pants really are the perfect nappy for toddlers.

Have you tried the Pampers nappies before? What do you think of the Pampers Baby-Dry Pants?

We were sent these nappies to review. All opinions are honest and are my own. This post is part of an Emma’s Diary partner campaign.

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