I have a serious case of post-holiday blues. I’m not even joking. I am the grumpiest most miserable person to be around at the moment. But, I’m also so grateful that it’s that time again where I round up my #LittleLoves of the week. It’s the perfect excuse to focus on the positives and not on the fact that I’m missing the sunshine and I’m really missing South Africa. I just hope the UK sunshine makes an appearance soon to get me out of my rainy day grump!

Here’s what I’ve been loving this week. As usual, if you prefer vlogs to blog posts then just click below. If not the read on:


Lady Midnight. I bought this book at the airport and so far I absolutely love it. I am a huge fan of fantasy novels and science fiction but have to admit that I’ve never read a Shadowhunters novel or watched it on Netflix.

This ‘Shadowhunters’ book is the first in a new standalone Shadowhunter series. It’s a fantasy style murder mystery novel and so far its absolutely gripping. I love how captivating the whole Shadowhunters universe is. If that’s not your thing, then this book is also packed to the brim full of mystery, family, friends, magic, murder, and forbidden love.


Plant Earth 2. I love, love, love David Attenborough. I got to watch the new Planet Earth 2 on the plane and oh my goodness it is incredible. They’ve shot each episode using new technology and they can now get up closer to the animals and see more than ever before.

I cannot recommend this series enough. You can quite literally see every grain of sand, every leaf on a tree, ever fur on an animals body. The quality is stunning! My favourite episode so far has been ‘Cities’. It shows you how animals, even the wildest of animals, have adapted to city life. You can see monkeys, birds of prey and even big cats learning how to live wildly in more urban places. It’s more than worth a watch!


I am suffering from a serious case of post holiday blues. I’ve been trying to get motivated and back to work again this week and going away really made me re-think about my life goals. I know what I want to work towards now and I’ve been trying to listen to motivating music to inspire me to not give up.

An amazing song for this is The Greatest by Sia. I’m not normally one for listening to popular music, but I love her voice and sound a lot. This song definitely helps me to get ready for a day of chasing my dreams.


I’ve been busy making a rota since I’ve been back. Trying to balance everything is something I’ve been finding unusually difficult lately. I’m normally really organised, but with my blog, freelance work, part time job, two evening courses, Evie and my boyfriend, I feel like I’ve been juggling a little bit too much. I really want to commit quality time to everything so I’m seriously hoping that the rota works out.


We are so sad to be back to winter clothes. Getting off the plane and changing into coats and boots was so upsetting! It was so lovely to be somewhere that was so warm even for a short while. It was perfectly hot, so much so that we didn’t even need jackets in the evening, even when the sun went down.

Since we’ve been back I’ve mostly been wearing pjs and especially my favourite ‘fun’ bright pj’s from Accessorize. The print on the top and matching shorts is gorgeous! I didn’t know that Accessorize did clothes before, but I’m going to be shopping in their so much more often.

Another thing I’ve been wearing a lot is my new Benetint cheek and lip stain from Benefit. I used to wear this years ago, almost everyday and I don’t know why I ever stopped buying it.

I never wear a lot of makeup, but this cheek stain is one of my daily essentials. I love that it gives you a pop of colour to your cheeks and lips, without it looking unnatural. Plus, it lasts for hours! This little bottle will last me a few months, even if I use it a couple of times a day. It’s more than worth its price tag of £24.

And Lastly…

I am really loving my new gorgeous candle from Daisy Blue Candles. It’s the only thing that’s making me enjoy these cold English nights again.

Its ‘Plum and Rhubarb’ scented and smells so delicious that I could eat it. I love it so much I couldn’t resist writing a review of it and I also have one to giveaway, so be sure to go and check that out if you love candles as much as me!

What items have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • I didn’t know that Accessorize did clothes either! Planet Earth 2 was absolutely magnificent television, I am an ardent Attenborough fan and I could listen to him read the dictionary and still find myself hooked I reckon.

    Glad you had a nice week but BOOO to being back in the cold x

  • Claire says:

    Holiday blues are never good but totally normal. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I hope your rota helps.

  • Jenny says:

    That top is beautiful. I love tops like that for Spring always can be layered for British weather if needs be. It’s so hard coming off holidays back to dark rain and cold days isn’t it? I feel you there. Plant Earth series sounds great. Will have to check it out. Hope you are having a great weekend. #littleloves

  • Morgana says:

    We love the Planet Earth programmes, aren’t they just mesmerising?
    Oh man, I feel you, back to UK life with a bump what with the horrible weather we’ve been having. I’m not surprised you’re missing SA! xx

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