Are you about to embark on a potty training journey?

We are now in fully fledged potty training mode with Evie. We announced a little while ago that we’ll be partnering with Huggies Pull-Ups and renowned child psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenburg, to help you on your potty training journey too.

You can follow how we are training Evie and use the tools, activities and advice, provided by Dr. Wittenburg, to make your potty training journey as smooth as ours!

Potty Training With Huggies Pull-Ups

There is no set time to start potty training. Evie is just over 2 years old. Some children are 2, some are even almost 3 before they start showing signs of readiness. So don’t panic if your little one is a late trainer!

If you are unsure whether they are ready or not, then there a few signs to look out for. Huggies Pull Ups have created this great chart, which will help you to see what potty training skills your child already has.


You don’t need to tick yes to all of these in order to start potty training, but just a few. For example, Evie still can’t pull down pants and she never asks to wear underwear, but I can tick yes to all of the rest.

Dr Heather Wittenberg has put together a really easy to follow six step potty training plan, that caters for toddlers of all ages and abilities. On the official Huggies Pull-Ups® website, you will find so much helpful advice, really handy and fun printables, coupons for Pull-Ups and all the tools and activities you need to successfully potty train your child.

Huggies also sent us a huge box of potty training goodies for Evie, so don’t forget to check out our unboxing video, to see what useful things you can also get to help with your potty training journey!


The six steps not only help to make potty training fun and as stress-free as possible, but it’s also designed to help you every single step of the way; from the start of potty training to being completely dry, day and night.

Here are the 6 steps to potty success:

potty-training-with-huggies-pull-upsWe are currently on Stage 3 – Start Practising. During the first two stages, we did do a few of the fun activities that are available on the Potty Training website, that we’ll share with you below. These activities really helped Evie to understand what was going on and made her a lot more interested in potty training. Here’s what we did during the first three steps:

Step 1. Check You’re Both Ready

Evie had been showing signs that she was ready to be potty trained for a while. We used the 8 signs of readiness chart and then printed out an adorable little mission chart for Evie to fill in and put on her wall.


Step 2. Say Goodbye To Nappies

We said goodbye to Evie’s nappies! I was definitely a lot more sad than her. It’s so strange seeing your little baby, losing the last of their dependance on you.

We decided to take Huggie’s advice and created Evie an easy to reach drawer, full of her pants and pull-ups. This has done wonders so far and we can see that it makes Evie feel really grown up. Every morning she is excited to get dressed, purely because she gets to choose which character she is going to wear for the day.


If we are staying at home, she wear one of her princess ‘big girl’ pants and if we are going out, she chooses one of the fun characters, on the front of her Huggies Pull-Ups®.

There are a few fun and cute activities you can do at this stage. The Huggies Pull-Ups® website, has a ‘Nappy Fairy’ game you can play and also a ‘Hide The Nappy’ game. The games are a really sweet way for the whole family to let go of nappies.

Step 3. Where’s The Potty

We are in the ‘practising’ stage at the moment. Evie has taken to potty training really quickly, but still struggles a little bit asking to go the toilet when we are in unfamiliar places.

We played a great game with Evie this week, using a timer and her potty. This game is a really great way to help them understand that the potty and toilet aren’t always in the same place. It’s great for getting them used to having to look around for where to go, especially for when they are out and about. More ideas for games and activities can be found on the Huggies Pull-Ups® website.

Evie’s potty training journey

I am so shocked at how quickly Evie was able to transition to wee’ing and poo’ing in nappies, to potty’s and toilets. Within the first day she was constantly asking for the potty.


We did regress a little bit at times, over the first week. At one point Evie lost interest completely and didn’t like the potty at all, so we left it for a few days and started again. There have been a few puddles and poo’s on the floor and Evie is still apprehensive of poo’ing anywhere but her pants or nappy but we are getting there slowly.

We will be covering the last three stages of potty training as we progress, so keep your eyes peeled for our wet vs. dry experiments and to see if we can get Evie dry through the night.

Have you started potty training yet? What do you think of the tools and activities that Huggies Pull-Ups provides? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. September 9, 2016 / 10:19 am

    Thank goodness T is done with that! 😉 I really enjoyed watching your video, you wouldn’t think that it was your first vlog! 🙂 Your daughter is so cute. x

  2. Nikki
    September 9, 2016 / 4:14 pm

    Good luck with the potty training. It sounds like Evie will do really well!

  3. September 9, 2016 / 6:49 pm

    Thanks for the tips, my LO is not ready yet but I am starting to read about it! Good luck !

  4. September 9, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    It sounds like Evie is doing really well! The pull up pants look great

  5. September 11, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    Good luck with it. We loved the hubbies night time pull ups! They didn’t leak at all x

  6. September 12, 2016 / 4:21 pm

    Sounds like a challenge! Best of luck!

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