We announced a few weeks ago our little ‘miracle’ pregnancy. I’ve decided to do more regular updates on here all about it, starting today. Something I really wanted to do when I was pregnant with Evie was ‘bump watch’ where you take regularly weekly/fortnightly/monthly pictures and see how much your bump is growing.

Guess what? I completely forgot and I ended up only getting one photo of me pregnant. Yes, literally one. It was also a really bad quality iPhone picture and other than that there is no other trace of my pregnancy with Evie anywhere, other than in my memories.

This time around though I am going to make sure I remember and every fortnight I will be sharing ‘bump watch’ updates here in the countdown to February and our due date. If anyone else is pregnant, let me know below how far you are along. I’d love to follow your journey too!

This week baby is the size of…a mango!

How I’m Feeling 

I’m feeling so strange this week. I’ve got a lot more energy than I’ve had in months and I am really making the most of it. I’m up earlier everyday, I’m back to work as normal and I’m even enjoying exercising again. The morning sickness and fatigue from the first trimester are well and truly gone. Hooray! I cannot tell you how happy I am about that. The first ten to twelve weeks were so awful!

The only thing I am struggling with at the moment is my emotions. For some reason I keep crying over literally nothing. I am a big balling mess and although my family are finding it really funny right now (me too, I literally cry over the silliest things), I hope it goes away soon.

Big changes for this week…I had to officially step out of my skinny jeans and into maternity jeans. I somehow survived till 36 weeks with Evie before I no longer fit into my regular jeans. There is no chance of that this time around though! My bump seems far more prominent already. Even though its still so teeny, its definitely there and my zip just won’t go up.

Pregnancy: 19 Weeks Bump Watch

Body Changes

I’m actually really loving and accepting all the body changes right now. My bump has got passed that awkward saggy stage and looks like an actually pregnant belly right now. It’s so cute! The only body change I really have an issue with is my face. It’s gotten so round! What’s really not helping my confidence, is just how many people keep commenting on it. Thanks guys! I have had so many people telling me ‘ohh you have a really puffy face right now’, or, ‘your face definitely has gotten fatter’. I have a feeling this is going to stay round for the entire pregnancy! 

But, we are almost half way through. Our next scan is in two weeks and we are so excited. It comes literally a week after Aitan’s scan which tells us if his cancer is officially gone. So hopefully we’ll have two weeks of very good news!

We are 100% finding out the gender. Everyone is so convinced that we are having a boy this time around. I think I am a little convinced too because this pregnancy feels so different to my pregnancy with Evie. Down to every aspect! Especially the food cravings. With Evie I couldn’t get enough sweet stuff. All I wanted with her was chocolate and fudge. This time around though, I cannot get enough of spicy, savoury food! In fact, the spicier the better.

We are so organised and have our names picked out already for both a boy and a girl. I have to admit, I am super scared of the idea of having a boy. I’m comfortable with girls and can’t imagine myself being a Mum to a boy.

Did anyone else feel like this? And is anyone else also pregnant right now? Let me know below!




  1. Alison Clark
    September 12, 2018 / 7:30 pm

    Thanks for writing this up – we are at the same stage I was 19 weeks yesterday . For the first 14 weeks everyone I saw kept telling me how awful I looked and wanted to know if I was ill! Although I’m still not sleeping i am beginning to feel more like me again. Look forward to hearing about your scan and seeing if your gender predictions are correct.

    • September 12, 2018 / 8:21 pm

      Awww happy 19 weeks! I’m so glad to hear you’re beginning to feel like you again. That’s horrid that they were saying how awful you looked. If you’re struggling to sleep, have you got one of those pregnancy sausage pillows yet? I picked one up this week and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been struggling to get comfortable at night time, but this pillow has been amazing!

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