30 weeks pregnant! Ahh! The weeks are starting to fly by now and now it’s time to start panicking because I am still so under prepared. Ten weeks to go (give or take) and Christmas in between, I think I need to start getting everything together now and fast. Especially in terms of prepping my work for maternity leave.

I’m not going to be able to take an actual maternity leave. But, I was hoping to take at least a month off. This means that I need to batch write and schedule content for myself and all of my clients between now and the middle of January. I’m planning on writing up three months of content, just so I’m fully prepared for an early labour or in case I need to take off more time than I expected after. Scarily Evie breaks up from school in a couple of weeks. She’s off for a whole 18 days and by the time she goes back to school, I’ll only have four weeks till our due date. So, the pressure really is on for me to start working extra hard so I can have that little bit of time off with baby.

This week baby is the size of a cabbage!

How I’m Feeling 

I’m feeling semi-ok. There are a few pregnancy issues I’m not enjoying; cramps in my legs and feet, acid reflux and feeling like a hormonal monster on and off! But, I do have to admit, this pregnancy is a lot breezier than the last. Apart from the fact that baby is super hyperactive in my tummy and gets hiccups several times a day, I barely feel like I’m pregnant. I don’t feel heavy or achy like I did with Evie and I’m not really as tired as I was with her either. I really hope the last few weeks are as breezy as they are right now.

Pregnancy 30 Weeks Bump Watch

Body Changes

My bump is growing very slowly still. So much so, we did have to go for a growth scan this week just to check that baby is doing ok. It turns out I’ve just got an extra long torso, but it was so lovely to get to see him again. He kept kicking the scanner away so we only got to see him briefly, but we saw him chomping away on his hands and he’s growing really nicely. They’ve predicted he’s about 3 pounds right now which is right where he needs to be. Yay!

I’m aiming to be a little bit more ‘baby prepared’ by my 32 week update. Fingers crossed by then we’ll have our crib delivered, a hospital bag all ready and made up, some baby clothes and most of the essentials we’ll need. Then we can enjoy focusing on Christmas a little more.

If anyone else is pregnant, let me know below. I’d love to follow your journey too!

Were you prepared in advance for your baby or did you leave everything till last minute like I’m doing? Let me know below!


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