Pregnancy: 34 Weeks Bump Watch

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks Bump Watch

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks Bump Watch

I’m so close to the end now! Ahh! I’m officially 34 weeks into my pregnancy. We have been major baby shopping in the last couple of weeks and we finally pretty much have everything. If you’ve seen any of my previous pregnancy updates, you would know that we’ve left everything very last minute. But, we have a cot, we have a car seat, we have clothes, the hospital bag is semi-packed and I’m feeling very ready for the end of this journey now.

Not long to go at all! I am praying I don’t go overdue.

This week baby is the size of a melon!

How I’m Feeling 

I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over now. I wish I was joking. I know I’ve been really lucky and this pregnancy has been pretty smooth going (apart from five very annoying things that I’ll be writing about in a moment). But, I’m honestly feeling very fed up now. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and his little kicks are so strong and I don’t have much water that every wiggle is very uncomfortable. There are also five pregnancy related grievances that I honestly cannot wait to see the back of. They are: 

  1. Acid Reflux – This is literally my worst. I get it everyday, several times a day and it seems to be getting worse the further along I get in pregnancy. Nothing seems to relieve it anymore either, even the things that previously worked.
  2. Leg and Foot Cramps – I seem to get these a lot at night time and its so painful. I can’t help but cry out every time it happens. 
  3. PUPP (that lovely itchy rash that covers your entire body – it’s more common in boys). I started to notice I had a rash around the 30 week mark. It’s been absolutely fine up until this week when its got incredibly itchy. Apparently it will go as soon as baby is born. I cannot wait.
  4. Leaky Nipples – This doesn’t bother me too much, but it has caught me off guard a few times when I’ve been out and about. I do have to wear pads now but I’m hoping the fact that my milk is already there might actually be a positive for when baby is finally born.  
  5. Fatigue – Go away fatigue! I definitely can’t get up as early as I normally do. I really struggle. Throughout the day I also find myself nodding off a lot and I cannot stay up past 9/10pm at night. Not good when I have a busy life and lots of work to do before baby comes. 
Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks Bump Watch

Body Changes

Other than all of the above, my body hasn’t changed that much. My bump is still very slowly growing and unless I suddenly grow in my sleep, I have a feeling I’m going to remain quite small for the rest of this pregnancy. I hope being small doesn’t mean baby comes late.

This week we’re going to work on a birth plan, finish packing my hospital bag and try and book in for a tour of a hospital. I would love to experience a water birth and luckily there are a few places locally that offer this. Hopefully the plan does go to plan and I get to try this out. I love the thought of being in water. I find that being in the bath at the moment really alleviates any aches, so hopefully this will also help with contractions. I’d love to hear if anyone else has had an experiences of a water birth before?

Were there any annoying pregnancy symptoms you couldn’t wait to see the back of? Did you have a water birth or a traditional birth? Let me know below!


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