Happy 36 weeks. Gosh…one month to go. I have to admit, I am so fed up with being pregnant now. It honestly feels like I’ve been pregnant for absolutely ever! Only one month to go…so I do know that there isn’t long left and I do feel like I’m on that home stretch but, at the same time I’m praying I don’t go overdue. In fact, I’d probably be relieved if I went into labour at any time now. Seriously. I’m very fed up.

This week baby is the size of a watermelon!


I am feeling a bit crap to be honest. I’ve been experiencing a bit of a low mood this last couple of weeks. I normally LOVE January. I’m usually so full of hope in January and I love setting goals and starting the year on a high. This is the first January I think I’ve ever entered feeling lethargic and down. I think its just because I’m a bit tired though and it is the last month so baby is going through that final growth spurt, which is a bit draining.

I’ve also upped my working hours which means I’m not getting much rest. I’ve decided that a maternity leave is going to be impossible because of the nature of my work. So, I’ve instead cranked up my hours now, just so that I can bulk schedule some things freelance wise to allow me to take at least a week off work when baby comes. But, you can read more about that in my post:

Pregnancy 36 Week Bump Watch


I feel so big all of a sudden and very, very gross. For some reason not only has my bump got a lot bigger, but so has my face, my legs and everything else. I have had some hip problems in the last week or so which has meant I’ve been moving around less and less.

My body is definitely being affected by this and unfortunately it’s really affecting my mood too. I’m hoping my hips ease up a little bit so I can get out walking a little bit more and keep myself healthy.

The unexpected sudden weight gain has really started to have a knock on affect on my confidence too. Nothing fits me from my wardrobe anymore, not even the maternity jeans I have. I was hoping they’d see me through till the end.

I know this isn’t the nicest ‘bump’/pregnancy update I’ve written. Hopefully by next time I’ll be feeling a bit more positive again. I have written a few new pregnancy posts though that might be helpful if you are pregnant too. You can find them here:

Did you suddenly put on lots of weight in the last few weeks of pregnancy? Let me know below.


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