38 weeks. Two weeks till my due date. Oh my…I hope this baby comes on time (or early) and not late. Just like I said in my last update…I am so done with being pregnant now. We literally found out about baby on day one (I had a negative test one day, then the next day it was positive), so we have known about him for the full 9 months and May feels like it was forever ago!

This week baby is the size of a watermelon…still!


Quite a bit better than my last update. Last time I was very grumpy. Even though my mood is still quite low, I’ve been getting out and about a lot more these last two weeks and fresh air and walking has done me the world of good.

Baby keeps going from being engaged…which means I have to walk with crutches because he just LOVES lying across my sciatic nerve, to coming out of the engaged position and then I get severe acid reflux. I know it sounds odd, but I’d much rather have a painful leg and not be able to walk than to have acid reflux. It’s so awful and it sometimes lasts all day long.

Pregnancy 38 Week Bump Watch


I have gained EVEN MORE weight this past fortnight. I mentioned last time that I had suddenly ballooned and it was making me feel really low about myself. Somehow I seem to have gotten even bigger. But not just around my belly, also around my face (I swear I have triple chins), around my bum, my legs and my arms…

I hate it so much. I’m also starting to worry about how my body is going to look after baby too. I just seem to have excess chunk everywhere and I have a feeling its not going to go as quickly as it did five years ago when I had Evie and I was a lot younger.

But…we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I know my last couple of updates have been quite moany. Can you tell I’m fed up with being pregnant now? Hopefully I won’t even be doing a 40 week update and baby might be here before then. My fingers are well and truly crossed. If you are pregnant too, be sure to check out the pregnancy section on Life Unexpected. Apart from this rare post of moaning, I do have some helpful posts you might enjoy:

Did you suddenly put on lots of weight in the last few weeks of pregnancy? Let me know below.


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  1. Christopher Hall
    January 30, 2019 / 5:15 am

    Hope it all goes well. Not long now and you know it will all be worth it in the end.

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