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Schools back! Hooray! Who else is getting a little bit more you time now school is back?

I’m having a few stolen moments here and there and now I’m older *ahem* and wiser (I turned 30 at the end of Summer), skin care and self care are at the very TOP of my priority list, whenever I get a rare moment to myself.

One thing I promised myself, when Evie went back to school, was that I would start a new skincare regime and to celebrate surviving the madness of the school holidays, Rabot 1745 kindly sent me over a pack of beauty treats for whenever I get a moment of relaxation! 

Now, I will just say, I have to be super picky about the products that I put on my skin. I have really dry, very sensitive, ageing skin and way too often I apply products that burn me, sting me or really irritate me.

Rabot 1745

Finding products can be such a minefield sometimes can’t it?

But honestly, these products are amazing and if you have a similar experience with products, you need to try these out!

As I mentioned, I was kindly gifted these beautiful skincare products, but they have fast become a huge part of my daily ‘self care/skin care’ routine and I cannot recommend them enough! 😍

Meet Rabot 1745!

The Botanical Beauty collection, inspired by Saint Lucia and the ‘Hotel Chocolat’ cocoa estate.

The range consists of luxury yet affordable skincare products including body scrubs, body oils, hand creams, lip balms and body butters, as well and candles and reed diffusers for the home.

Rabot 1745

The collection is not only super luxurious, but the products are really affordable which gives you such a lovely opportunity to create your own ‘spa like’ experience at home!

Not only that, but all of their beauty products really will make your skin feel soft, hydrated and just all around good!

Firstly lets talk about the hand scrub!

Avocado & Sour Orange Hand Scrub

Oh my…this is the dreamiest hand scrub. Winter and cold weather is always so harsh on my hands. I get dry cracked skin really easily and so does my fiance.

If this happens to you as well, this hand scrub might just be your saviour!

Rabot 1745

The hand scrub doesn’t just buff away the dryness but it leaves your hands smelling delicious (orangey smelling goodness) and super soft to touch all day long!

Rabot 1745 have use essential oils in this citrus-fresh scrub, which help to soothe as well as pamper dry hands. Want to know what makes it smell so good? The nourishing goodness is a combination of avocado and sour orange, both of which are found in St. Lucia where this comes from!

Next up…

Cacao and Almond Bath and Body Oil

This oil has become another skin staple of mine! Honestly, as I mentioned above, I am so fussy about using products on my skin! I get irritated so easily and bath lotions, scrubs and oils are usually the biggest skin irritators for me.

Rabot 1745

But this oil, is so magical! I cannot thank Rabot 1745 enough for making it. Firstly it smells absolutely divine (the aromas it gives off makes you feel like you are in a cocoa estate) and secondly it’s basically all the skincare ‘must-haves’ bottled!!

The bath oil is made with an antioxidant-rich cocoa seed butter, which is full of vitamins and fatty acids – so it’s super good for hydration. It’s then been combined with a nourishing sweet almond oil which makes it silky smooth to apply.

Rabot 1745

Oh but it gets even more amazing than that! This oil doesn’t just have to be used in the bath, but it can also just be applied directly to your skin to combat any dryness! It’s not only such a treat but it’s also a must-have!

The Smile Reviver!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories then you’ll know that dry lips are the bane of my life. It doesn’t matter what time of year, my lips are constantly in a cycle of being dry, cracking, finally healing and then being dry again.

Rabot 1745

I’ve been using this ‘Smile Reviver’ for over a week now and it not only healed my dryness in a couple of days, but my lips constantly feel moisturised! Yay!

Do you get really dry lips too? If you need a lip revival then this is a must have! It’s made with nourishing avocado oil and it’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A, D and E so it replenishes parched lips! It also contains zesty lime and sugar with exfoliates away dead skin cells, but really gently! It’s honestly the most effective lip scrub I’ve ever used and I can’t begin to tell you how many I’ve tried over the last 30 years!

Rabot 1745

Also…I am so in love with the packaging it comes it. This is a reusable bamboo jar. Isn’t it just beautiful?

  • You can buy the ‘Avocado and Lime Smile Reviver’ here!

The Wonder Balm

This ‘Wonder Balm’ has actually become a staple in my everyday skin care regime. I’ve been using this on my cheeks to highlight them and I’ve also been using it on dry patches that I get on my face and arms. It is so lovely!

Rabot 1745

The ‘Wonder Balm’ also comes encased in the unique, beautiful, bamboo reusable jar and has been designed to hydrate, calm, tame and highlight your skin. It also has intensively moisturising properties as it’s made with essential oils extracted from the Bois Bandé tree.

The Bois Bandé tree has been loved for centuries and is said to have ‘mythical’ powers! The oils from the tree can be used to soothe and moisturise parched skin, tame wild eyebrows and soften cuticles!

The Wonder Balm (which will basically become your new multipurpose beauty hero) has also been combined with cocoa butter and shea butter, so it smells as good as it feels!

Liquid Chocolate Body Mask

Seriously…how much do you love chocolate? Are you a chocaholic like me? If you are then you need this in your life! However, it comes with a warning, you will want to eat it! Although it’s not edible it is made with edible ingredients and it smells INCREDIBLE!

Rabot 1745

This is the true essence of Rabot and Hotel Chocolat! Did you know that Hotel Chocolat have an actual boutique hotel? The hotel is in St. Lucia on the estate and there is also a spa (I want to go so badly)! The spa has a Chocolate Delight experience and this ‘Liquid Chocolate Body Mask’ has been recreated in its honour! It’s honestly the ultimate indulgence for chocolate lovers!

It comes with a warning though! Once applied, you will want to lick yourself!

Coconut Lip Balm

This everyday lip balm smells so A-M-A-ZING you honestly want to eat it! Apparently this lip balm is already a bestseller and an Amazon’s Choice recommendation. I can seriously see why! It’s so nourishing on your skin and again, comes with the re-usable bamboo packaging, which I absolutely adore!

Rabot 1745

There are several lip balms in the range, this one is coconut! Coconuts grow plentifully on St Lucia and the oil of coconuts contain some really lovely skin-nourishing fats that are so rich in antioxidant properties! Rabot 1745 have gone one step further and have added hydrating cocoa seed butter, shea butter and Abyssinian seed oil so you can get a complete lip care revelation every time you apply this! This is now my handbag staple!

Salt and Lemongrass Scrub

Honestly, isn’t this the best packaging? Yes..this is a re-usable coffee cup! How awesome is that?

Rabot 1745

As you already know I am the BIGGEST coffee lover (don’t even talk to me in the morning until I’ve heard my first cup) and I think this is the best packaging for a product that I’ve ever seen.

It is genius and it really keeps the beauty range tied to Hotel Chocolat and it’s origins of working with cocoa beans.

Even more incredible, if you take your Rabot 1745 reusable cup into any Hotel Choclate cafe nationwide, you can get 50p off a hot drink!

Rabot 1745

But, enough about the coffee cup, what’s inside?

Salt, citrusy goodness! This salt and lemongrass scrub is a combination of citrus-fresh lemongrass oil, nourishing sweet almond oil and replenishing cocoa seed butter! It is so good for giving you a refreshingly, uplifting start to the day! I’ve been using this before my shower and my skin feels so smooth, so soft and so energised!

Rabot 1745

Seriously, I highly recommend using all of these products together! Run a warm bath, pour in the bath oil, light a few candles and create the most serene ‘in-house’ spa experience for yourself!

You deserve it!

If you haven’t done so already, definitely head to the Rabot 1745 Beauty website! They have so many more products, all of them equally as delicious smelling and skin loving as these! Now please excuse my while I hop off and indulge in some serious self-care!

Before I go though, only one question remains…which of these products are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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