Review: Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Review: Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Review: Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Have you heard of Twisty Petz yet? Twisty Petz from Spin Master is the newest collectable craze in our house. Evie is completely obsessed with them and I can honestly see why. I would have absolutely loved these when I was younger!

What Are Twisty Petz?

If you haven’t heard of Twisty Petz before, they are twistable, wearable fashionable pets.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

One minute they are a super adorable pet and the next (with one twist), they transform into really cute and stylish bracelets. How cool is that?

There are over 70 Twisty Pets to collect in total and they come in single packs and packs of three, where one of the pets is always a hidden surprise.

Each Twisty Pet features beautiful gem details and sparkling finishes. No two pets look the same either, making these stylish bracelets the perfect fashion statement.

Twisty Petz

If that’s not enough, there are also Twisty Petz babies. These are a bit smaller, they are super cute and they come in packs of four. Each Twisty Petz baby pack also includes a mini charm (which could be a dummy or a bottle) and an adorable, glitzy, gem shaped jewellery case which you can use to store your Twisty Petz in.

The idea behind Twisty Petz is that you can;

‘Twist’em! Wear’em! Take’em everywhere you go!’

Which is exactly what Evie has been doing lately.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

In fact, they don’t just have to be used as a bracelet or a pet, they can even be used as an accessory on your backpack, shoes, purse, and more!

Our Twisty Petz

We were sent a few different Twisty Petz to review and we absolutely love them all. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited Evie was to unbox these. She has honestly been asking for these for months now! We were originally planning to get them for her birthday, which is at the end of March.

You can just imagine how much she squealed when she realised she was getting some early.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

We were sent a single pack, a pack of three Twisty Petz and a pack of four Twisty Petz babies to review.

In the single pack we got ‘Sugarpup Puppy’. In the pack of three, we got Purella Kitty, Frostie Polar Bear and a ‘surprise pet’, which Evie honestly could not wait to open. In each pack you will find a little collectors guide so you can easily see which pets you have and which you still need to get.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

In the Twisty Petz babies pack, we got two puppies and two ponies.

There are so many different animals to collect. Animals you can collect include; pandas, deer, giraffes, unicorns, dragons, kitties, zebras and so much more!

There are also super rare pets to collect. Naturally Evie wants to try and get them all!

How To Use Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Transforming the pets into a bracelet or necklace and back again is so easy. To make a bracelet, you simply pull the head and tail of the pet at the same time and it will untwist.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

You then simply post the end of the tail into the top of the head and click it together. To make a necklace, just connect three (or more) twisty pets together.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

You can also bring your twisty pet friend back to life by changing them from a bracelet and twisting them back into their pet form. 

Transforming them back into a pet might take your little one a little bit of practise at first. It took Evie three or four attempts to master, but now she is a little pro.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Our Thoughts

I have to admit that I am super impressed with how durable Twisty Pets are. There is nothing flimsy about them, which was the one thing that worried me, mostly because Evie is very clumsy. But, the clasps are so strong and even after using them over and over again there is no sign of wear and tear on them at all.

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Another thing I love about Twisty Petz, is that they can be used as entertainment on the go. There is no more packing toys to go out of the house with. Evie can simply ‘wear’ her jewellery out and then when we get to anywhere e.g. friends houses, coffee shops or restaurants, she can simply transform her jewellery back into pets and play with them.

Evie is so in love with Twisty Petz. She is already planning which Twisty Petz she’s next going to add to her collection. If you follow my blog or social challenge you’d probably have already guessed that she wants a unicorn one for sure. 

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Where Can You Find Twisty Petz?

Twisty Petz are priced at £4.99 for a single pack, £12.99 for a 3 pack, and £9.99 for the Twisty Petz babies. I think the prices are really good value for money and these toys make the perfect gifts.

Both Series 1 and Series 2 are currently available to buy from any major toy store and they are suitable for ages 4+.

The question is…which ones are you going to collect first?

Twisty Petz from Spin Master

Would your kids love Twisty Petz? Would they prefer wearing them as a bracelet, keeping them as pets or both? Let me know in the comments below.


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