Hello Summer! How many of you have been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine this week? We’ve had beach days a plenty and have really been making the most of the longer days by staying out and watching sunsets.

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

It’s so hard to not be in a good mood when the sun is shining. I’ve had the whole week off my part time job too (a great week to have) so have had plenty of time to enjoy my family, the sunshine and to catch up on some much needed work/freelance work/housework. Here are some of the other things I’ve been loving this week:




Why Do I Struggle With ‘Mum’ Being A Large Part Of My Identity One thing I’ve always struggled with is my ‘mum’ identity. This week I stumbled across a post on Alison from Not Another Mummy’s blog and finally I feel like I’ve found someone who can relate. I don’t know if its because my daughter was unexpected but I’ve always just strived to be that one who doesn’t fit in the ‘mum’ box and the one who hadn’t changed much after childbirth. Lately, just like Alison, I’ve started to realise why I’ve been avoiding the Mum tag and why actually I should be fully embracing it and be proud of the fact that I bought a little human into the world. I am a mum and I need to own it.




Orange Is The New Black – I am trying so hard not to binge watch Orange Is The New Black. The new season has finally landed and I’ve somehow managed to only watch one episode (honestly, I want to watch them all). So far its equally as crazy and gripping and brilliant as the other seasons.


I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about this season both being so good and also not delivering like the previous series. This is one of my favourite shows though so I can’t wait to see how things unfold.




Relax & Unwind – I’ve had the week off from my part time job and having extra time at home has been so welcome. But, in true traditional Chloe style, I’ve been trying to cram way too much in. I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog and my freelance work  but there is so much to do, its hard not to be in overdrive all the time and see it all as a race.

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

This playlist has really helped to calm me down this week. The more relaxed I am, the more I get done. I find it so hard to find a ‘relaxing’ playlist that just helps me to chill out and not fall asleep, but this one has almost got it right. I’ve been using it as background music while I work and its been lovely. If you have any suggestions of other ‘chill out’ playlists, please leave them below so I can check them out!




Sandcastles – Warmer days means longer amounts of time on our local beach. I feel so grateful everyday to be able to go down and spend as much time as we like here. Its Evie’s favourite thing to do and this week, for the first time in her three years, she has perfected making sandcastles!

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

Not only did she make this sandcastle but she also wanted to take this picture. I helped to hold the camera steady and got her to look through the lens and press the button when she was happy. She took three pictures and all of them came out so perfect and arty. A little photographer in the making?



Jojo Maman Bebe – This section is dedicated to Evie again this week. We are so excited to be working with Jojo Maman Bebe this month on their occasion wear campaign. How gorgeous is the party dress we got to try out?

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

Excitingly one of my besties is getting married next month so its the perfect party dress for her big day. We picked both the dress and the shoes she is wearing  from Jojo’s website. The little white shoes have quickly become Evie’s everyday summer sandals. They are so practical and so comfortable for her. I’d love you to head over and check out our review of these items and see how we got on.






Sensory Spa Garden – I finally got around to writing up my review of the ‘Sensory Spa Garden’ at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa. Uploading all the pictures and seeing the spa garden again, really makes me want to go back.

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

On our recent stay to Bedruthan Hotel we were lucky enough to spend one whole hour in this absolute paradise. Bedruthan enrolled Evie into one of their two hour kids clubs sessions and we got to head down to the spa to check out the new garden feature.

Sandcastles, Party Dresses and Orange Is The New Black

It was such an incredible experience and it was so lovely to get to share it together and get some very rare couples time alone. It was heavenly! The garden experience is one hour long. The idea is that you move through seven different stages of the garden. You try out the hot tubs, saunas, the cold drench (if you’re brave enough), a range of different scrubs and finally you get to sit around a little fire with a foot bath and hot cup of tea. A must try if you’re ever in Cornwall!

What items have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


  • Jenny says:

    Ahhh looks like you have had a truly magnificent week. Hotel and sauna look ace. That sandcastle got skills nothing better than sand between the toes. I need to catch up on the OITNB heard this season is its best one yet. Happy weekend ahead in the sunshine. #littleloves

  • Emma FARLEY says:

    Cornish summer is here! I’ve had this week off too and it’s been so perfectly timed.

    I’ve had Orange is the New Black on my list for aaages and keep seeing so much about it. I think it’s time to stop rewatching Gilmore Girls!

  • Claire says:

    I’d love to live near the beach! Amazing sand castle and photo. My eldest still knocked them over last summer. Will be interesting to see what she does this year. Sounds like a lovely week off.

  • Stacie says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. The spa looks amazing, the perfect way to unwind and spend some quality time together. I’ve not finished Season 3 of OITNB yet but I’ve heard so many people mention its return this week that I might have to get on with finishing it. Love Evie’s dress, perfect for a summer wedding I’d say. Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Donna says:

    Oh my gosh that spa looks amazing! I really need to get into OITNB but haven’t been able to yet, I’ll try again at some point. I really need to get back to the beach too, that’s a pretty ace sandcastle! x

  • OINTB was amazing – I may have binge watched it in about 2 days! Looks like a pretty good sandcastle to me! I love living by the beach. Have a great weekend x

  • That spa looks absolutely incredible!! Everyone has been talking about OITNB but I haven’t watched it for a couple of seasons now – I really need to get back into it! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xx

  • Your spa day looks lovely and it’s so important to still have as much couple time as you can get. That sandcastle is pretty perfect, and don’t think I could build one that good at 43. Have a lovely weekend #littleloves x

  • What a fabulous week – it sounds like you got a fab balance (though i know completely what you mean about trying to cram too much in when you have a slower week). That spa looks beautiful and beach days too-sounds amazing! I haven’t watched OITNB at all-slap wrist! I think it might have to be my next series once I’ve finished binge watching once upon a time. Hope you had a lovely weekend x

  • Suzanne says:

    Oh wow I love the sound of your spa day – really does look heavenly! You’re so lucky to live as close to the beach. Is it something you take for granted as it’s on your doorstep? I imagine it might get like that after a while.

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