I think everyone needs a Bucket List. They’re a great reminder to have fun and enjoy life, especially if you live quite a hectic one. I got to cross off another from my bucket list this week. It was to ‘send a message in a bottle’.

I’ve always wanted to write a message in a bottle, drop it in the sea and see how far it will go.

My best friend Megan and I found these adorable little bottles for £2 in Sainsbury’s. You can find them in most Supermarkets and homeware shops. I think that they’d make a great present as well. Maybe to a loved one on Valentines day/anniversaries/birthdays.

It was a lot harder than we thought to write a message. I decided to write the message from my family and created an email address so that anyone who finds it has the option to write back to us to tell us: where they found it, the date they did and where they’re from.  I also included one of my favourite quotes on the other side of the letter. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so mine was a quote by the legendary fictional character Albus Wolferick Brian Dumbledore (don’t laugh!):

I’m not going to include a picture of the letter because I’d like to keep it personal for whoever eventually finds it.

Megan had had quite a tragic week when we did this. I was hoping this might be helpful for her. The note that she wrote was really touching. I think writing and discarding messages is a really personal way of sharing a part of your soul with a complete stranger. You have no idea who might open that bottle. You never know if it may help somebody or if it may just brighten someone’s day.

Have you ever sent a message in a bottle? Do you have a bucket list? 

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