If you love Sunday roasts and you’re planning on visiting Cornwall, or you already live in Cornwall then you’re about to get very hungry!

We went to ‘The Coldstreamer’ last Sunday and couldn’t resist writing about it after. ‘The Coldstreamer’ is an adorable looking gastro pub in a little village called Gulval, which is just outside of Penzance.

Oh boy, it was the most delicious roast dinner I’ve ever had in my life (sorry Mum!). Who doesn’t love a good Sunday lunch?

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

‘The Coldstreamer’ is a really beautiful, family run pub. There is a little garden area outside, which is perfect for the warmer months. But, inside is equally as lovely. Inside is split into two sections, pub and restaurant, which is perfect if you either want to come for a quiet lunch or dinner, or just pop in for a drink after a walk.

I hate dingy feeling, smelly pubs. But this certainly isn’t that. Inside is so light and cosy. The seating is super comfy and in the restaurant there is a good mixture of modern and traditional tables and chairs, which is such a good indicator of what this place is like in general.

The Menu

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

Unlike most places, they don’t JUST serve roasts on a Sunday. There menu is smaller than normal, but is still really dreamy. I’ve come here for dinner before and it did not disappoint.

If we weren’t in the mood for a roast, I would have had the ‘Blackened Mackerel’ starter or the ‘Thai Curry’ main, in a heartbeat.

The head chef Tom has an amazing reputation for cooking. He has worked under some top chefs like Marco Pierre White and Paul Ainsworth, and he also was the head chef at top Cornish restaurant Porthminster Beach Cafe, for a few years. A place you would have seen a lot on my blog as it’s our home beach and we go there a lot.

Tom’s food style mixes modern British and occasionally Asian flavours. You can guarantee an inventive delicious dish, no matter what you order.

The Wine List

As we are big wine lovers too, we knew the list would be amazing as it was produced alongside wine expert Jon Keast, of Scarlet Wines in Lelant. Scarlett Wines is another restaurant that we love to go for food. Scarletts also have a delicious shop alongside there restaurant, which sells wines, condiments and delicious hams and cheeses. But, that is a post for another day.
Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

I went for Sunday roast at ‘The Coldstreamer’ with my partner Aitan and my daughter Evie. Aitan had come with friends a few weeks ago and kept recommending to me how amazing the roast was. He couldn’t resist coming again this time with me, which was a really good sign!

For those who don’t normally read my blog, my daughter Evie is nearly three. But, even as a toddler, she is still amazing to take out and about.

Family Friendly

We’re always impressed when somewhere has amazing food and is really family friendly. Straight away we were offered a highchair or a cushion, and also a drink for her.

They were also more than happy to give us a bowl so she could share our food rather than have her own portion, which we knew would have been too much for her.

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

To say she is well behaved in restaurants is an understatement. She has been in and out of restaurants since she was a few days old. In fact in the first week of her life she went for afternoon tea (posh I know – it was my mothers day gift to my own mama), a Sunday lunch, coffee and breakfast.

We went through a phase about six months ago, where she got a little bit boisterous at times. But, then we discovered the magic of wipeable writing sets which keep her so engrossed when she isn’t joining in with our conversations.

The Roast

The roast came out so quickly. I was impressed that we didn’t have to wait for long despite the restaurant filling up completely by the time we’d ordered drinks.

We chose to pair our roast with a Sicilian red wine, as it’s been exactly one year since our holiday to Sicily. It went so well with the beef and gravy.

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

How good does this roast look? I’m getting hungry again just looking at it.

I am so fussy when it comes to roasts. I love either turkey or beef. But when it comes to beef, it has to be on the rarer side and I love it to be drenched in rich, moreish gravy. This did not disappoint a bit.

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

Look how glossy and perfect that gravy is! The roast came with a Yorkshire pudding and a few roasties on the plate as standard and the rest of the vegetables were served in side bowls, so we could help ourselves.

The Vegetables

The sides all deserve their own spotlight too. I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts, but ‘The Coldstreamer’s’ sprouts were cooked with little bits of ham and the seasoning was exquisite.

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

Each bowl; from the cauliflower cheese, to the suede (turnip if you’re Cornish like me), to the sprouts, all had their own flavours that really struck your taste buds with each bite. The parsnips with carrot, rosemary and aniseed was my favourite.

I absolutely loathe aniseed, yet this is done really subtly and the flavours pair together so well, it was hard to not eat the lot. The portion sizes were perfect. In fact, we struggled a little bit!

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

Even my toddler, who is the biggest, fussiest food critic, ate the lot. She loved it! It’s hard for us to get her to eat vegetables and she kept begging for more meat, so I’m definitely wishing we could have these chefs cook for her everyday.

‘The Coldstreamer’ are clearly passionate about their food. You’ll be impressed to hear they prefer to use locally supplied Cornish fish, meat and vegetables. You could tell that we were tucking into the best, freshest, highest quality food.


I’m not normally a big dessert eater, and we were so full from our roast. But I couldn’t resist seeing how inventive the Creme Brulee would be, as I know each item on the regular menu is made to be a little bit different and exciting.

The description on the menu read: Creme Brulee – Coffee, Malt, Praline, Valrhona Chocolate, Lemon Shortbread

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer

The flavours were incredible. It was better than any Creme Brulee I’ve ever tasted. As a coffee themed brulee, I loved that it was served in a coffee cup. It wasn’t too ostentatious but the theme went really well.

The top is cream with shavings and sprinkles and then there is the small hard layer that you push through to reach the creamy coffee pudding underneath.

It was divine! The little lemon shortbread biscuit on the side went down a treat with Evie, who felt very grown up dipping it into something coffee flavoured.

Sunday Lunch at The Coldstreamer


We left feeling very satisfied, with the desire to return again soon. Sunday lunch at ‘The Coldstreamer’ is a must.

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be reviewing a lot more tasty Cornish places over the next few months.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Cornwall? Have you ever been to The Coldstreamer? Let us know in the comments below.


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