The Tree, The Key & Me – The Best Personalised Kids Book By Librio

The Tree, The Key & Me – The Best Personalised Kids Book By Librio

The Tree, The Key & Me – The Best Personalised Kids Book By Librio

Have you heard of the book ‘The Tree, The Key and Me’ yet? If you haven’t and you have kids or grandkids, or friends with kids, then I urge you to go and take a peek at it! It’s a personalised kids book by a Swiss based company called Librio and honestly, it’s not only a beautifully illustrated book with the loveliest story, but it’s also the most unique personalised book I’ve ever seen.

The Tree, The Key and Me

There is something so magical about getting lost in a book. Even more so when you get to be the main character! But, nothing beats finding a book where the character doesn’t just have your name, but they also look exactly like you in every single way! That’s what is so unique about ‘The Tree, The Key and Me’. 

The Tree, The Key & Me - A Personalised Book From Librio

If you are regular readers of Life Unexpected, or if you follow us on Instagram stories, then you’ll know that Evie is book mad. Not only does she have her head constantly in a book, but amazingly she has been reading fluently by herself since she was three and half years old. How crazy is that?

Another thing readers will know about Evie, is that she has short, wild curly hair. It’s hair that we find really beautiful, but hair that she is super self-conscious about. In fact, on a daily basis she gets really upset about the fact that she doesn’t have straight, long hair! So, for me to find a book, where the main character is not just the hero of the story, but also a girl with short curly hair just like her…you can imagine how made up I was!

Order Process

It was so easy to order and personalise ‘The Tree, The Key and Me’. It took less than a few minutes to hop onto the website, choose all the personalisations and checkout. You can choose everything from your child’s name, their gender, their skin colour, eye colour, hair colour, hair style and if or not they wear glasses. How amazing is that? Inside you can also create a little personalised note just for them!

I found the whole order process really user friendly. It didn’t take me long at all, to create a little girl that looked just like Evie.

I was really impressed by how fast our book arrived in the post. Apparently all the books are printed in the UK, but they can be shipped worldwide too. They also come in 18 different languages and dialects. So, if you have friends and family abroad, they won’t be missing out!

I didn’t tell Evie anything about the book and I got to surprise her with it one day after school. I cannot tell you how happy she was to open the parcel and see a book, fronted by a little girl with curly hair just like her. She was so excited she couldn’t wait to start reading it. She was even more thrilled when she realised that she was the main character of this story.

The Tree, The Key & Me - A Personalised Book From Librio

The Story

The Tree, The Key and Me has such a magical story to it. You can tell that its a book thats been really thoughtfully put together. It’s beautiful illustrations are paired with a really engaging storyline that will be very much treasured by kids and grown ups alike. In fact, I love the story just as much as Evie does!

The adventure begins on the very first page, as your child digs up a key at the bottom of their garden. The key leads them through a hidden door into a magical woodland that’s full of friendly creatures who need your child’s help. Your little hero then goes on an incredible journey of friendship, bravery and magic.

The Tree, The Key & Me - A Personalised Book From Librio

The animals world is losing all of its colour and its up to your child to discover the cause and to try and save the day. Can they save the forest before all the colour disappears?

Our Thoughts

Evie adores this story and even though its now been read over a hundred times, she still gets so absorbed in it; laughing at the funny parts, getting worried as the forest drains of more colour and celebrating at the end when she saves the day.

The Tree, The Key & Me - A Personalised Book From Librio

If you’re already sold on how wonderful this book is, wait till you hear about Librio, the company behind the books. They have such strong ethics and here are just a few reasons we really think they are great!

  • Every single book is printed by on high quality 100% recycled FSC certified paper. If we didn’t tell you, you probably wouldn’t have noticed!
  • They print with one of the most sophisticated, sustainable printers in the world – the award-winning ‘Pureprint Group;.
  • For every book sold Librio plant a tree through their partner ‘Trees For The Future’
  • For every book sold, they give £1 to further literacy in local communities in the UK, Australia and Europe.

Aren’t they such good eggs? That’s not all either. You can find out more about Librio and all the charities they support on their website. 

The Tree, The Key & Me - A Personalised Book From Librio

Exclusive Discount

Are you in love with these books yet? Wouldn’t these books make such a lovely, unique and personal gift for kids/grandkids/friends? Librio are really kindly offering a 15% discount at the moment, for when you order two or more books. Simply use the code YAY15 at checkout.

I’ll also leave Librio’s social channels below, so you can connect with them, follow their journey and get a first look at any offers they have:

What do you think about ‘The Tree, The Key and Me’? Is this something that your kids would love? Let me know in the comments below.

*We were sent the book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and entirely our own!


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