Do you find it really overwhelming to pick a personal, meaningful Mothers Day gift? I know first hand how hard it is to find a gift that your Mum will adore and that will also say everything you want it to say.

Every year I try to forgo the traditional ‘flowers and chocolate’ gifts and instead choose something more thoughtful and special.

If you’re struggling to find a Mother’s Day gift and you want to spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day, then this gift guide is for you. I have sectioned it out so you can easily find a gift, based on who your Mum is. Whether she’s a new Mum, a fitness Mum, a foodie or a business Mum, there will be something in here for her!


Are you are buying a Mother’s Day gift for a new Mum? You can’t go wrong with a pampering treat or a personalised piece of jewellery.

My favourite gift from this collection is the Mummy and Me t-shirt and vest set. How adorable is that?

I also absolutely adore the ‘Mums Back Hamper’ in the middle at the bottom. Each hamper is full of all the treats that pregnant women aren’t allowed to have. I think they’re such a great gift for a new Mum and would be so appreciated. You can also read my interview with the Mum behind the hampers here – Mum In Business: Featuring Mums Back Hampers.

Mums In Business Featuring Mums Back


Does your Mum love exercise? Does she love running, yoga or hit exercises? A beautiful yoga mat or a Fitbit would be the way to completely spoil her.

My favourite things on this list is the Yoga Dice and the Fitbit. The Yoga Dice are such a lovely idea for changing up your yoga routine. I also have the Fitbit and it is amazing for keeping you on track and moving.

One more thing on this list that I cannot recommend enough is the Elvie. I recently wrote a review about it and it is incredible. Doing our kegel exercises, especially after having a baby, is so important, so this gadget is a must have for Mums.

How Is Your Pelvic Floor Post Baby? Have You Heard Of Elvie?


Jewellery is such a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but it can be so hard to choose something that Mum will love. If you’re unsure, why not buy her a dainty pair of earrings? Or a charm bracelet that can be added to over time?

I have one of the pandora charm bracelets, but I love those drop earrings by Tiffany & Co.


Is your Mum a big foodie? Does she like indulging in chocolates, or making home cooked dinners or spending her weekends baking?

She will love any of these luxury treats below. From bright and beautiful Kitchen Aids for the bakers, to Nespresso machines for the coffee lovers and picnic baskets for a Mother’s Day treat that will take you right through the seasons.

My favourite thing on this list is the Magimix and the Nutribullet! I cannot live without my Nutribullet and I really want a Nespresso machine for my home office!


If your Mum is big on skincare, but you have no idea what to get her, any of the products below will go down such a treat. All of them can be used on occasion, or can be added into your Mums normal skincare routine. Whether’s it’s the best hand cream to go in her handbag from L’Occitaine, or a plant based face treatment from Clarins, she is sure to feel spoilt this Mother’s Day with any of these skincare gifts.

My favourite products from this category are the ‘Charlotte Tilbury‘ creams. I use these myself and they’re amazing. I also love the ‘Clarins Face Treatment Oil’, which I bought for my own Mum for Mother’s Day last week.


If you’re Mum loves a spa day or a little light pampering, then this section is for you. My favourite way to spoil my Mum is by building a hamper of her favourite pampering treats, so she can create a spa night in at home. A spa night wouldn’t be complete without a candle, some bubble bath and a face mask.

My favourite product from this category are the Charlotte Tilbury face mask. I use this and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. I also love the Laura Mercier bubble bath. It’s so cool getting to put your bath soak in with the wooden stick.

If you want to give her the ultimate treat though, then I cannot recommend the candle below enough. It is a candle and massage oil rolled into one. The candle melts to create a pool of warm essential oils, that can be massaged into the skin.

The candles were created by Claire, an experience midwife of 30 years who has delivered royal babies. She created candles with Mums in mind and each one helps with a different ailment, from morning sickness to eczema and insomnia.

You can read more about this beautiful candle and the person who makes them in my post: Mummy Loves Organics.

Mummy Loves Organics


Personalised gifts are really treasured by Mums all over. Whether it’s pictures to display, personalised books, or personalised jewellery, these are the gifts that she’ll treasure for ever.

My favourite thing from this category is the ‘Not On The High Street’ grid photo frame. I love the personalised wooden block in the bottom corner of it and I love that you can frame so many memories in one gift.


Are you buying for a Mum who loves taking a little time out for some mindfulness, meditation or relaxation? Or maybe you want to give your Mum the chance to have 5 minutes peace to herself? Then these are the gifts for you.

My favourite items from this category are the Mindful planner from Kikki.K and the Esteban Paris incense sticks.

I also want to recommend ‘The Mood Booster Journal’. If your Mum suffers from PND, anxiety or depression, or she’s on a mission to lead a more positive and fulfilled life, then ‘The Mood Booster Journal’ is for her. You can read my interview with the Mum behind the journal here – Mum In Business: Featuring Mood Booster Journal.

Mums In Business Featuring The Mood Booster Journal


Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like spoiling them with their favourite perfume. All of our Mums have such a distinguishable smell to us. Which perfume reminds you or your Mum?

My favourites on this list are ‘Coco Mademoiselle’, which I tend to wear in Autumn and Winter, and Dolce and Gabanna ‘Light Blue’ which is my go to Spring/Summer scent.



This section is dedicate to the ‘Mum Boss’. If you’re a regular reader of Life Unexpected, you’ll know how much we love to support Mums In Business. Do you have a working Mum or a Mum who has started her own business? Whether it’s pictures to go on her desk, .

My favourite item from this list is the ‘CEO Of My Own Life Planner‘ by Ella Iconic. I have one of these planners and I honestly don’t think I could live without it.


The last category in this ‘Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide’ is for the travel Mums. Does your Mum love her holidays in the sun or the snow? Or does she prefer a UK staycation?

My favourite items on this list are the ‘Bag-All’ travel organisers (I love to be organised) and the Ted Baker suitcase. How pretty is that suitcase? It also comes with a matching make-up box that sits on top.


There we have it. The ‘Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide’.

So, which category does your Mum fall into? Or, if you are a Mum, which gift would you like the most this Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!


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