We recently become brand ambassadors for Learning Resources. Learning Resources is one of my absolute favourite websites for buying fun but educational learning toys for kids. If you haven’t checked them out before, I urge you to do so. They are amazing!

With the summer holidays well and truly on the way, Learning Resources have kindly sent us some ‘outdoor explorer’ toys to review, so that we’re ready for summer exploration with our four year old. We were sent two items from the ‘GeoSafari® Jr.’ range: theGeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope and the GeoSafari® Jr. Bug Bright.

GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope

The first item we were sent to review is the GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope! If you have a little explorer on your hands, they will love this toy! It hasn’t left Evie’s side since she got it. She wants to look at absolutely everything through it. Not only have we been using it in the garden, as well as around the house, but we’ve also been using it out and about on different adventures as well.

The GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope is a 2-in-1 toy. It has both a microscope and a telescope built in. My favourite thing about it is that kids can easily swap between the two, simply by extending the neck.

A Microscope and a Telescope

The microscope has 8 x magnification for close up viewing and it views objects upside down and back to front just like a real microscope. Evie has loved using this around the garden to look at flowers and different bugs, as well as indoors to see close up details of certain toys.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

Then there is the telescope. The telescope features 15 x magnification and is so good for viewing objects far away. I had a peek myself through the telescope and it is a lot clearer than I thought it would be for a kids toy.

Evie has been using her telescope to spot birds and plants in the garden and on nature walks. She’s also been using it on the beach and loves trying to spot boats, animals and surfers in the sea. We’re also taking it camping next week, where we’ll try and spot some stars! There are so many options of play with this toy and its definitely one thats good to keep in the car or garden.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

The Explorer Scope was cleverly designed to be chunky and durable (perfect for clumsy toddlers). It’s almost impossible to damage it and it has rubber hand grips so even the smallest of hands can hold it with ease. I also love that it has a neck strap which makes it easy for Evie to keep on her while she’s walking around.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

Another thing I really love about it, is that the googles are slightly curved and have been designed to fit perfectly around little eyes. This means that the light can’t get in so kids don’t have to squint to see and they can view through the lens really well!

GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright

The second item we were sent to review is the GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright.

How do your kids feel about bugs? Do they love them or are they super afraid of them? Evie is obsessed with snails but any other kind of creepy crawly and she will not set foot near them.

Part of the reason we really wanted to try the BugBright was to try and encourage Evie to like other bugs too and hopefully lessen her fear of them, while they’re in a place where she can study them.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

The GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright is a very cleverly designed viewing container that has been created to easily capture bugs for your kids to view and study. It’s also been designed to keep bugs safe. It has little breathing holes throughout the container and there is also plenty of space for small bugs to roam.

The BugBright has so many amazing features. One of them is the ‘lid’ system that has been designed so that you can easy to collect bugs without hurting them, or even touching them, which is great if you’re someone who is afraid of bugs like us.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

The lid can come off in two ways. You can either lift it or slide it, so it’s super easy to safely collect bugs.

As Evie is afraid of most bugs, we decided to try catching a snail for Evie to view first. But over the next few days we’re going to try and be a bit braver and look for other creatures we find around, such as ants, earwigs and even the dreaded spider.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources


The BugBright has lots of other features that we really, really love. Along the side of the viewing container there is a magnification spot which gives you a 5 x close up of whichever bug you’ve collected. Evie has loved using the magnification to spot details on bugs and to see them up close.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

Another great feature is the orange lid that unscrews so you can easily feed your specimens. The lid also acts as an LED light. When the lid is screwed on properly, you can switch it on so that you can view your creatures in the dark. This is perfect if you’re collecting bugs in the evening, or in winter when the light is really low.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

Another great feature is the carry handle which makes it so easy to transport the viewing station. We’ve been using the handle so we can take the GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright with us on nature walks.  Now every time we go out in the car, Evie begs to take it with us, just in case we find something on our adventures.

Toys For Your Outdoor Explorers From Learning Resources

Out of both of the toys we were sent to review, Evie really doesn’t have a favourite. She loves both of them as equally as the other and I think they also compliment each other really well. One thing I really love about both of these toys is that they encourage little ones to explore the world around them! They’re making Evie a lot more observant about details and are giving her an even bigger interest in nature.

Where You Can Find GeoSafari® Jr. Toys?

Both of these GeoSafari® Jr. toys are suitable for ages 3-6 and you can find them on the Learning Resources website. The GeoSafari® Jr. BugBright is £14 and the GeoSafari® Jr. Explorer Scope is £15. I think that’s such a great price because they offer endless play options and will last for such a long time!

There are also other GeoSafari® Jr. toys on the Learning Resources website. From binoculars, to globes, they’re definitely worth checking out.

What do you think of the GeoSafari® Jr. Bug Bright and Explorer Scope? Which would be your kids favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

  • We were sent the two GeoSafari® Jr. items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are honest and our own!

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