At the moment I keep having short bursts of squealing with excitement.

We are going travelling!

In less than two weeks we are jetting off to Europe in the hope that we can actually see some sunshine this year and also to see the sights and introduce new cultures to our little toddler Evie.

Want to find out where we’re going? Read on!


It’s creeping up so quickly now and we’re just about finalising everything. We’ll be spending an entire month galavanting across Italy, the south of France and Spain.

We hope to come back a little more tanned, a little fatter and a little bit more inspired.

Have you ever been travelling with your toddler?

It’s Evie’s first time flying and I’m a little bit nervous. But we’ve started writing our packing lists, stocking up on clothes (knowing our luck it’s going to rain so we’re packing for summer and winter) and preparing our travel itineraries. Our first stop is the charming…


This our landing point and we’re only spending 24 hours here, quickly seeing the sights and tucking into some delicious Vongole before training it down to…


Oh Florence, I have a feeling I’m going to fall in love with your architecture and history. You can expect to find us in many museums and me cooing at all of the buildings in sight. After a few days we will be catching the train down to the infamous…


Here I will be eating pizza’s, sipping espressos and throwing money into the Trevi fountain. We’re planning on visiting the Vatican and spending our evenings browsing roman shops and eateries.

After almost a week of pasta eating we will be flying across to…


We’ll be staying in both Nice and Antibes collectively so we can make short stops to Cannes and Monaco. Here we plan to bask in the Autumn sun (hopefully), eat fresh food and dip our toes in the Med.

Our final stop will be…


I have lots of work to do when I’m away so we’re planning on making Barcelona home for two weeks, so I can catch up on any bits I’ve missed. All of this will happen whilst we enjoy Spanish days filled with shopping, sights, beach time and tapas.

We are going travelling

To keep updated with our toddler travels, keep an eye on Life Unexpected’s Instagram page.

To say we are excited, is an understatement.

Have you ever been to any of these places? We’d love recommendations of places to go. Or any travel tips for toddlers. Let us know in the comments below.


  • I bet you have the most amazing time, I would love to visit Italy. I will be watching your instagram with envy, can’t wait to read all about yor adventures on your return xx

  • Oh and I’m envious and at the same time really happy for you and your little one! Looking forward to hearing about and seeing all your photos of your trip 🙂

  • Joanna says:

    Oh I’d so love to go to these places I’ll definitely be looking out for how u get on with ur trip.
    I hope u have an amazing time Italy and France are places I’ve wanted to go for ages.

  • OMG I am insanely jealous! How fabulous! What an exciting thing to do! And you’re going to such amazing places! Venice, Florence, Rome and Barcelona! No wonder you’re excited! Wowsers! I hope you have a fab time. Plus I love the pics of Evie! <3

  • Laura H says:

    So many great places!! A lot of these are on my bucket list. Rome is a great city, enjoy all the pizzas!

  • Travelling with toddlers is hard. Just recovering from a trip to Dublin. Enjoy.

  • Kara Guppy says:

    Have the most amazing time – this is something I wish I had done before dreaded school tied us down

  • Evelina says:

    This sounds amazing! You are going to visit all my favourite places.

  • Rachel says:

    OOh I hope you have the most amazing time, so many beautiful places to visit x

  • We did Italy with our toddler and loved it! The trains are fantastic.

    I would say don’t take a pushchair into Venice though! Xx

  • Oh this sounds like so much fun!! Are you going just you and Evie? I hope you have the best time, I can’t wait to follow along with your travels! XO

    • Luckily no! 🙂 I was a little bit too scared to go alone. She has an extra person coming along to entertain her. x

  • We we have a few time with the little ones. Travelling isn’t always so much fun but it’s fun when we get there.

  • Mrs H says:

    This is so exciting. A whole month. Amazing. I have been to Florence and adored it. It is beautiful and there is so much to see. I didn’t really like Rome. But Nice and Cannes are also lovely. Especially Cannes. And I would love to visit Venice. Have an amazing holiday. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  • Enjoy your travels. Italy is very child friendly. We are going back to Rome the end of October. You will have a fab time

  • Charlotte says:

    OH MY DAYS! This sounds amazing and an epic journey for you guys. I am so excited for you and look forward to hearing all about your journeys.

  • Babyfoote says:

    When you are in Nice, if you have time, go along to Eze to see the artists studios, the church on the top of the hill, and the golden goat! Don’t take a pushchair, though!

  • This sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time, I’m sure you will! Polly x

  • Wow, what a great experience for you all…you must be in Italy now, I guess? Have some late season gelato for us! Our little one has just started school, but can’t wait to have summers like this!

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