Welcome To The World Lior

Welcome To The World Lior

Welcome To The World Lior

Welcome to the world little one! Meet Lior Elijah, born on Valentines Day at 3:46 in the morning after 30 long hours of labour. He really is our miracle baby in every shape and form and all of us are so besotted and in love with him.

Welcome To The World Lior

I have been very quiet on Life Unexpected for the past fortnight while we’ve adjusted to life with this little one. Oh my, I definitely forgot how hectic those early newborn days can be. We also headed straight into half term when he was two days old, so our routine, especially with Evie, was completely thrown up in the air. For most of the week we didn’t even know what day it was and baby brain is so real. I can’t even tell you the amount of silly, funny things we all did due to tiredness!

A Life Unexpected

Taking time off meant that I missed out on my yearly tradition of celebrating my blogs anniversary (I’ll catch up soon) which happened to be on the day he was born! How lovely and special is that?

It’s kind of ironic that our miracle baby was born on Life Unexpected’s fourth anniversary. Yet another reminder that I chose the right blog name for this page! Seriously…I couldn’t have found a more fitting name.

Welcome To The World Lior

Especially because finding out we were pregnant with Lior in the first place was incredibly unexpected (we found out we were pregnant a week after my fiance got diagnosed with cancer – you can read our story here).

Lots of people have been asking us about Lior’s name too as its quite unusual in this country.

Lior means ‘my light’ in Hebrew, which we thought was so fitting. We wanted a Hebrew name as it represents Aitan’s Jewish heritage but the name meaning light is especially special to us. He really was a little light while we were in a very dark place.

Evie and Lior

Evie is so besotted with her baby brother. I mentioned in our gender reveal that she had been desperate for a sister and that she didn’t speak to me for several days when I told her we were having a boy (she sobbed so hard when she heard the news).

Welcome To The World Lior

But, luckily she absolutely adores him and she cannot get enough of him. She has honestly been amazing this past fortnight! She has been incredibly helpful and kind, and even though her routine has been completely flipped since he’s arrived, she has adapted a lot better than I thought she would.

She has been there fully supporting us and trying to help with baby as much as she can, as well as being super understanding when we can’t necessarily do things with her straight away.

I don’t doubt we’ll have some issues with jealousy and attention at some point, but I have a feeling these two are going to be incredibly close growing up. There have been so many magical moments between them already and I keep catching her playing with him or just staring at him and she cannot get enough cuddles, which is super cute.

Finding Our Feet

I swear we have the loveliest baby. We feel so lucky. He’s been so good since the minute he was born and is pretty much sleeping through the night already (by sleeping through I mean a good 5-6 hours between about 10/11pm and 4/5am).

Welcome To The World Lior

Our only troubles have been surrounding breastfeeding. I’ve found it really hard to get established with feeding and unfortunately have had issues since the word go with latching, sore cracked nipples and mastitis.

My fingers are so crossed that we can pull through this little phase though and that in a couple of weeks everything will be super easy when it comes to feeding.

I have almost given up so many times and if it wasn’t for all the support I’ve been getting from my family and also from an absolute angel of a lactation consultant, then I probably would have.

So, that’s Lior and that’s why we’ve been a little bit quiet here lately. I’m sure you are going to be seeing a lot more of this little man over the next few years and to everyone who follows me on Instagram stories, I am very sorry for all the baby spam!

Welcome To The World Lior

Thank you so much…

…to everyone who has left us messages and to everyone who has sent us beautiful cards and gifts. We are incredibly grateful. We’re also so thankful to everyone who has supported us in the last year.

Our pregnancy and cancer journey was the most trying period of our lives. We both feel about 100 years older but we couldn’t have gone through it without you. We are so grateful that we are now out the other side and can enjoy our little family and hopefully many years of healthy living and happiness.


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  1. March 3, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    congratulations, what a lovely name he has. Love the photo of him with his sister x

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