What do you think about the idea of going to a secret, remote, but beautiful Cornish location. When you’re there, you get to sit down at a banquet table where you’ll tuck into a delicious three course meal, that has been lovingly paired with some of the worlds tastiest and intriguing wines.

Does that sound like something you’d love to do?

This actually exists and events like this are hosted all over Cornwall by a secret group called the ‘Wild Wine Club‘.

There is no membership to the club and tickets are available to anyone, but it is something that you need to know about.

The Great Estate - The Most Rambunctious Garden Fete

For such a long time now I’ve wanted to go to one of the ‘Wild Wine Clubs’ secret feast nights. But, understandably so, tickets can go very, very quickly.

Wild Wine Club At The Great Estate Festival

Last weekend we headed to the wild and wacky ‘Great Estate Festival‘ at Scorrier House in Cornwall (you can read my post all about it here). We heard on the grapevine that the ‘Wild Wine Club’ was going to be hosting a few top secret events during the festival and I almost cried with excitement when we managed to get hold of some tickets.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

The Wild Wine Club hosted two dinners and a lunch during the festival. We were lucky enough to go for their ‘Sunday’ lunch and just thinking about it right now, I want to go back and do it all over again!

Think wood fired food, lots of wine and new friends, all in a secret, exclusive location.

Banquet In The Old Horse Shed

This year, during the festival the Wild Wine Club hosted their feasts in an old horse shed on the grounds of Scorrier House.

The Wild Wine Club transformed the derelict shed into a chic banquet room. There was a long table decorate with buoys, lobster pots and fishing nets. Flags hung from the old beams that ran the length of the table. The theme of this particular event? Galician.

Every time The Wild Wine Club hosts a feast, they do different themes based on famous wine regions from across the world. This particular event was all about Galicia, the northwest region of Spain. This just happens to be where my favourite wine is from…Albarino!

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

We got to the event really early and outside the shed we could see the wood fired food being prepped and cooked ready for our tasty feast. The pork was sizzling on the bbq and the chefs were hard at work getting it all together.

The shed quickly filled with excited, hungry mouths who all picked their places at the long table. At first I was really nervous about having to sit beside and opposite people I don’t know. Readers of Life Unexpected will already know that I am a huge introvert and this was definitely way out of my comfort zone.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

But, as soon as the wine started flowing, so did the chatter and by the end of our meal we’d made so many new friends!

At the start of each course, Debbie Warner, the sommelier and host of the event, would pop up at the head of the table. She’d let us know what we would be eating and what wine we would be trying out. It was fascinating to hear her knowledge and it got us really excited about what we were about to try.

The Starters

For starters we tucked into the juiciest, freshest heritage tomatoes that were topped with grated cheese. This was paired with a beautiful, crisp Albarino that I can still taste in my mouth as soon as I think about it.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

It was perfect! The starter looked very simple, but the way the flavours burst in your mouth…just wow.

The Main Meal

Between each course there was a little bit of a break so you could chat to your new friends and find out more about where they were from and what they do. It was such a unique way to meet new people and we made so many new Cornish connections.

For mains we had wood fired roast pork. This was served with a side of fennel and a side of Cornish new potatoes. The main was paired with a warming, rustic tempranillio that was from the Duoro river. The taste of this with the wood fired pork…I can’t even put it into words.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

Now, before I get into the side dishes, I have to admit something. My two least favourite things in the world are dill and fennel. Both Aitan and I have a huge joke, that if we were king and queen of the world, these are two things that would be banned for life!

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

The Side Dishes

So when the potatoes turned up, laced with dill and the side dish of fennel arrived, I have to admit I freaked out a little bit. But, in the spirit of doing something new and unique, I gave them both a try. Someone obviously felt exactly the same way as me. Just a few people away I heard a lady chime ‘I hate fennel so much, but this is amazing!’.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

I quickly stopped pushing them around my plate and gave them a try. Wow. I have no idea how they did it, but the potatoes tasted insane, even covered in dill. I even went back for seconds and thirds!

Then there was the fennel. I really don’t like the aniseed taste, but this wasn’t overpowering at all and I actually enjoyed two servings of this. It also went perfectly with the wine and the flavours just popped in my mouth.

The new friends we’d made around us, quickly got into a discussion about fennel. Several us shared our hatred for it and all of us were so wowed by how the chef had cooked this dish. There was literally none left at the end of the meal. In fact, we all fought for the very last bite!

Have we been converted to loving these two ingredients now? Probably not. I still have very bad memories of the taste from other meals, but if I’m ever in the presence of the Wild Wine Club chefs again, I will certainly be eating up ANYTHING they serve.

The Dessert

Lastly we got to tuck into the most delicious dessert. A traditional orange Spanish sponge cake. This paired with the sweetest, most mourish Moscatel. I love Moscatel!

I savoured the dessert and honestly didn’t want it to end.

The Wild Wine Club In Cornwall

When everyones plates were clean, the banquet table started to empty. New friends exchanged cards and numbers and went on their way. Everyone had a huge grin on their faces. The experience was more magical than I could describe.

We lingered long after our last bite, immersed in conversation with some of the people we’d just met.

The Wild Wine Club fast became one of our favourite Cornish clubs and we will definitely be seeking out more of their events as soon as we can!

Thank you so much to Debbie and her team for inviting us to try out the Wild Wine Club. We had the most unforgettable, tasty, unique experience!

You can find more ‘Wild Wine Club‘ events here.

What do you think of the ‘Wild Wine Club’? Is this something you’d love to try out? Let me know in the comments below.

*We were gifted tickets to lunch in exchange for this review. All opinions are completely honest and our own. 


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