Ok so I have a confession to make. I am so addicted to shopping at Zara Kids it’s not even funny. Every season I refresh the pages waiting for the new stock and styles to come in and sometimes I trawl eBay for my old favourite designs to see if they’re available in Evie’s next size up so I can bag them for next year.

I’ve just done a bit of a Zara Kids haul for Evie in time for Spring/Summer. Evie is so desperate for new clothes that fit her. Does anyone else feel like our kids always seem to have months of not growing at all and then suddenly you wake up and find that absolutely nothing fits? But hey, what a great excuse to go shopping.

Zara Kids SS17

I’m really loving pastel blues and pinks, whites, greens and denim this season. I’ve already bought everything in the picture apart the jacket and shoes.

I always try really hard to create a small capsule wardrobe for Evie. I hate buying clothes willy nilly because things always end up falling to the back of the wardrobe never to be touched again, just because they just don’t go with anything else.

This season I’ve gone for lots of basic coloured tops that have a few little romantic and intricate details on them. I know it’s crazy to put your toddler in white, but mine is usually quite good with mess and white tops go with EVERYTHING.

I am also beyond obsessed with Zara Kids basic skinny jeans and couldn’t resist buying Evie another pair. We already have the dark washed denim, but the lighter denim is perfect for Spring/Summer.

We always struggle to get Evie bottoms for her age bracket but now I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for basic jeans and shorts. These jeans retain their colour so well, despite washing them every week and at only £9.99 a pair I think they’re so well priced.

Wish List

All the things in the picture below are on my ‘to buy’ wish list. I’m trying to be semi-sensible and stagger what I buy and also these items below are more for Summer than Spring.

How adorable is the bag in the middle? Definitely not an ‘essential’ but really great for stowing toys inside for when we’re going out and about.

My other two ultimate favourites from this collection are the green dress and the denim dress with attached briefs. They’re so cute! I love that the denim dress can be carried through to winter or worn on rainier days with tights.

My ultimate favourite thing about Zara Kids is the price of everything and the quality. I’ve never had an issue with things breaking or dresses or jumpers getting holes in. The tops, dresses, jeans and shoes are always made to the highest quality and yet the price tag never makes you go ouch.

Tops and blouses always seem a lot cheaper from Zara Kids than some of the more popular high street stores and the basic clothes (plain tops and jeans) are so good that I will no longer shop anywhere else.

What do you think of Zara Kids? Do you love any of the things I’ve picked? Let me know in the comments below.


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