Daily Blogging Checklist: 5 Everyday Essentials

Daily Blogging Checklist: 5 Everyday Essentials

Keeping an active blog requires working on it everyday. Whether you have plenty of time to sit down and create multiple new posts, or only a few minutes for essential maintenance, these are our top 5 daily tips to stay on top of your blog.

1. Keep Up With Comments

Ensure that you’re keeping up to date with the comments your blog is receiving. Having a blog is like writing a letter to a friend you’ve not yet met! Your readers may feel a personal connection to you and your post and be inspired to write back, so make sure that you’re checking for new comments daily!

Think about whether or not they require a long reply, or a simple acknowledgement of “Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it!”? Are they offering tips and suggestions on the topic your post is about? If there’s a lot of helpful comments you could even collate these for a ‘part two’ with your readers advice!

Replying to these comments help to keep your blog a two-way conversation, and builds the relationship with your reader community.

2. Comment on Other Blogs

On a similar note to reading the comments on your own blog, you may be inspired to comment on new posts from your peers. Use a platform like Bloglovin’ to follow your favourite blogs from all different host sites, and then you can see new updates all at once.

This is a great way to start connecting with like-minded creatives who may wish to collaborate in the future. This is also a chance to direct traffic to your own blog, so make sure your comment is eye-catching and fun or helpful and kind!

3. Check Your Stats

While this step might not feel necessary every day, you may find it to be a good idea to check which of your posts is creating traffic at the moment. This information could help inspire a new post – for example, if “5 Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas” is getting more attention, how about “5 MORE Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas”.

If an old post with external links is receiving new visitors, check that the links are still working, and update to new links if necessary. It may also be a good idea to check information like dates or prices are up-to-date to avoid any confusion, and update if necessary.

4. Generate New Ideas

Spend a few minutes each day thinking of new and exciting content. Have you learned something recently that others may find helpful too? Maybe you’ve noticed a trend you can put your own spin on?

Keep a notebook, or a document on your phone or computer, with your ideas ready to go for when you get stuck for ideas in future. If your idea feels urgent, but you can’t start right away, put a reminder in your diary so you don’t miss the window of relevance!

5. Write!

This one is essential! Whether you write a quick post every day to keep your readers updated, or you have a more planned long-form approach to your content, writing everyday is a great routine to get in for to keep your brain agile and to stay on top of things! If you don’t have time to write your full post, why not write a quick draft for how you intend to continue so when you come back to your work you know exactly what to do next.

We really hope these tips inspire your blogging journey! We’d love to hear what your daily essential tip for blogging is? Leave it in the comments and we might even compile a “Daily Blogging Checklist Part 2”!

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