True Crime Recommendations for Scaredy Cats!

True Crime Recommendations for Scaredy Cats!

True Crime, as a genre, has taken off in the last decade. With new podcasts, documentaries, and dramatisations released all the time.

I am personally quite a scaredy cat. I love a fictional murder mystery, but something about true crime is too real for me. I’m the sort of person who has nightmares about horror films, so when the story is real my imagination really runs wild!

So here are my recommendations for True Crime media that (hopefully!) won’t give you nightmares!


A Very British Cult.
I dove headfirst into A Very British Cult and couldn’t stop listening to it, earlier this year when I was trying to get over some intense jet lag. Hosted by journalist Catrin Nye, she investigates the Lighthouse cult. In an eight part series, she speaks to people affected by the group, including former members and their families. The Lighthouse group operate under the guise of a life coaching organisation, taking thousands of pounds from its members and distancing them from friends and family. It’s very interesting to see how easy it is to join a cult like this.

Sounds Like a Cult
Sounds Like a Cult is a podcast hosted by writer Amanda Montell and comedian Isa Medina, who discuss whether or not a company, group, or item is a cult each episode. While we may think we know what a cult is and how to avoid one, it’s likely you’re part of a modern-day cult following without seeing it as such. From celebrity fans, fast fashion, and skincare to Peloton, The Royal Family, and Flat Earthers. It will definitely make you question the blind brand loyalty you may have!


The Dream
The Dream is a multi-season podcast by Jane Marie, with each season focussing on different types of scams. Starting with the proximity of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) to Pyramid Schemes, Marie investigates the stories behind these companies, interviews people who have been directly affected by them, giving a full and shocking picture of the situation. Series two is all about the Wellness industry, often linked to MLM companies, and how companies are scamming people out of their money in the name of health. The most recent series is an investigation into the ethics of Life Coaching. Every episode is edge-of-your-seat listening.

Fake Heiress
Fake Heiress is the true story of Anna Sorokin (a.k.a. Anna Delvey), a con artist who successfully posed as a wealthy heiress to scam the New York upper classes in the mid-2010s. This intriguing 6-part podcast is hosted by journalist Vicky Baker and playwright Chloe Moss, and follows the rise and fall of Sorokin. Chronicling how she reinvented herself as a wealthy socialite, live a life of luxury, and was ultimately arrested in a sting operation, a collaboration between the NYPD and that the friends who had grown suspicious of her.


The Missing Cryptoqueen
The Missing Cryptoqueen holds a special place in my heart as the first True Crime podcast I became obsessed with. An 11-part show, The Missing Cryptoqueen follows journalist Jamie Bartlett as he attempts to track down Dr Ruja Ignatova, the founder of fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme OneCoin. Through the series, Bartlett tells Ruja’s story, while interviewing crypto currency experts and people who invested their life savings into the scheme. A gripping listen, this podcast links fraud, scams, cults, and pyramid schemes for the ultimate no-fear true crime recommendation!

Believe in Magic
Journalist Jamie Bartlett returns with Believe in Magic. Another investigative series, chronicling Megan Bhari and her charity Believe in Magic. The charity was run by Megan and her mother as a sort-of British version of Make-A-Wish, granting gifts and trips to seriously ill children in the UK. They get the support of pop band One Direction and the Prime Minister at the time, but a group of internet sleuths have their suspicions. This was my latest obsessive listen, I manage to complete it in a day whilst tidying the house!


Burn Wild
Burn Wild, a podcast hosted by Leah Sottile, is an investigation into two environmentalist fugitives on the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists list. Joseph Dibee and Josephine Sunshine Overaker sit on the list alongside plane hijackers, bombers, and murderers. But their crimes never resulted in injury, let alone death. The series forces you to question how far is too far for a cause you believe in? Can these two people accused of non-violent crimes be classed as terrorists? It will definitely have you questioning everything you’ve been told about eco-terrorism and climate change.

Bad People
Bad People is a podcast about that – bad people! While there are some episodes about murderers and violent crime, it’s easy to avoid them and just listen to episodes about the Colston Four, doxxing, social media influencer ethics, and call centre crooks. Hosted by comedian Sofie Hagen and psychologist Julia Shaw, the podcast is produced in partnership with The Open University, whose experts have contributed companion pieces to the episodes for further reading.

What’s your favourite non-scary True Crime podcast?

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