About Me - Life Unexpected

Hi, I’m Chloe! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

Life Unexpected is an award winning family lifestyle blog and it’s also my second baby. I am so proud of this blog and I am so humbled to have people just like you, reading what we have to say.

My first baby is my two (nearly three) year old called Evie. She is my favourite little human. She is so mischievous, funny and clever. I am so grateful every day to have her in my life and never thought I could ever, ever love something so much.

Everyday she teaches me something new and never fails to shine such a bright light on my life. Life Unexpected started out being all about her, but as time has gone on (well…life is unexpected) it has now evolved into something so much more.

When my daughter was unexpectedly born, I thought that my life would have to come to a stop. My travel plans, my career plans, my life plans. Oh how wrong I was.

Now Life Unexpected follows my life as millennial working mum as well as watching our little Cornish family as we go on adventures both at home and all over the world. I want to prove to myself, to my daughter and to you, that family just makes your life richer and that anything is possible.

Covering all aspects of family life, expect to find posts on: real life, parenting, playtime inspiration, Cornwall, tips and tricks for busy working mums and the best places to travel with kids.

So…who are we?

About Me - Life Unexpected

Meet Chloe

It’s extremely hard to write about yourself, but I’ll give it my best shot. Ambitious, a dreamer yet a complete introvert are the best words to describe me. Everyone close to me knows how shy I am, so it came as a huge shock when I started a blog that featured me.

But its always been my dream to both be a writer and to work for myself and since my daughter came along, I’ve made it my mission to inspire her and show her that you can be anything you want to be.

Travelling, creative writing and organising are my biggest passions in life. I caught the travel bug majorly in 2016 and went on a month long trip around Europe, plus several other stand alone holidays. 2017 has a high bar to challenge! I am also falling so deeply in love with photography and get such a lovely feeling when I capture beautiful family and travel memories with my camera.

As a person, I am way too hard on myself and definitely expect far too much of myself. I also hate being indoors, unless I’m in a beautiful restaurant eating delicious food with my loved ones or sat in front of a crackling fire in winter.

I have dreams of being an author and am in the process of penning my first novel, although don’t expect it for at least another ten years because I keep myself so busy with blogging, writing, social media management, parenting, my beautiful partner and adventures!

About Me - Life Unexpected

Meet Evie

We all say this about our children, but Evie is such an incredible little girl. She is a bright spark and has such an old soul. She is confident, curious and sometimes even teaches me a few things.

Just like me she has a love for travelling and the outdoors. Home days are so extremely rare for us and she gets just as itchy as me to get outside, splash around in muddy puddles and explore the world around us.

She has no fear and I am so impressed at how much she adapts to new environments. Especially when we went travelling for a month in 2016. We went to three different countries and she loved learning the new languages, trying the foods and exploring the sites.

Unlike her introvert mama, Evie is so social. She loves making new friends and has such a maternal instinct never going anywhere without her ‘baby’ dolls.

Her favourite things are bikes, writing, the sea reading, shoes and dolls.

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