Is it possible to go away with your children and come away feeling relaxed?

Yes, yes, yes!

And it’s because of that reason I did shout yes! as soon as ‘Bedruthan Hotel And Spa’ in Cornwall sent me an e-mail asking me to pop back sometime and check out some of their new features.

The last time I stayed at Bedruthan Hotel was about 18 months ago. I spent two days there and despite having a baby who still woke up in the night, I left feeling extremely rejuvenated. For someone who hadn’t slept a whole night in nearly two years, you can imagine how much of a win this is!

Even if I hadn’t been asked back to do another review, to this day I would still recommend Bedruthan as THE best family friendly place to stay in the whole of the UK. And I really mean that! In fact I really don’t think a hotel can get more ‘parent’ friendly.

Experience The Sensory Spa Garden At Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Adult Time Vs. Family Time

My ultimate favourite thing about this hotel is that it’s not just a place to rest your head. The hotel have made it their mission to make sure that your children have the best holiday and it’s also got a huge focus on making sure that the parents leave feeling rested, relaxed and refreshed – even if your feet stay on the hotel grounds for the entire holiday!

How is that possible?

How about free childcare for two hours every day included in your stay? And that’s just for starters. The hotel and the experiences it offers, has been designed so well. Think kids clubs and adult only relaxation lounges. Kid friendly restaurants and adult only spa times. Kids swimming pools and adult only bar areas – I could go on. This hotel has got the parent child balance exactly right!

Our Holiday

As soon as we checked in we headed down to check out our bedroom. The last time I came we got to stay in one of the family sized sea view rooms and that was amazing enough! But this time round we were able to try out one of the even more luxurious rooms; a ‘sea view family villa’. A room that is not only more spacious, but that has its own private patio space and happens to be positioned right next to my favourite spot in any hotel: the spa.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The room was really beautifully decorated in bright and vibrant colours and it was the perfect size for a little family. There was a little desk area, a tv in both the adults and the kids section and lots of little comfy spots to curl up and sit with a book or magazine.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Inside the wardrobe we found a mini fridge, a kettle, some complimentary teas, coffees and biscuits and plenty of storage space for our belongings. Then there was the bed. Oh the bed! Super-king with the most comfortable mattress, we didn’t want to leave it in the morning. 

Another thing we really loved about the room was the room divider. Half way down the room was a foldaway door and a blind that could be pulled down so you can separate the kids area and the adults zone whenever you like. Genius?

This was really useful for night times when Evie went to bed. We didn’t have to worry about disturbing her with light or noise yet we could still easily check on her or hear if she needed us.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Evie had a choice of bed, as bunk beds come as standard in the sea view family villas. Cots can also be requested for younger babies, plus larger villas are also available with two sets of bunk beds and an extra bathroom for bigger families.

Bedruthan also provide lots of little extras to make your stay at smooth as possible. From puddle jumping suits, to kites and buckets and spades, to more practical items like buggies and cots, Bedruthan try to help you pack as little as possible in your car.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

We took advantage of the free hire and booked an all terrain buggy and a toddler-carry back pack which came in handy on days out. We booked them before our stay and when we arrived they were sat waiting for us in our room so we could take them out and about as we pleased during our whole stay.

The sea view family villas also come with a beautiful bathroom that has both a bath and shower. We took full advantage of this, stocking up on ‘Lush’ bath bombs before we even arrived. But my ultimate favourite part of the bedroom had to be the big sliding doors at the end that opened up onto a private patio area that came complete with unspoilt panoramic sea views.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Play Time

Check in at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa is normally mid afternoon. But we rang and arranged for an earlier check in so that we could make make the most of our time at the hotel. As this was my second time coming here, I knew just how many fun things were available to try out at the hotel and we wanted to take full advantage. As soon as our bags were unpacked we headed outside to explore.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Just like last time I stayed, we really didn’t feel like we needed to leave the hotel at all. Apart from a quick trip to nearby Padstow and also a dinner out to Watergate Bay, we mostly stayed on the hotel grounds for the three days we were there.

Our first stop was the giant outdoor play park which was luckily just beyond our villa patio. This was a huge hit with Evie. The last time we came she was a little bit too small to navigate it alone, but this time we could sit on the grass while she ran about and played as she pleased.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The play park has a seesaw, a big boat climbing frame, slides, vehicles to play in, little tractors to dig with, a play house, a trampoline, an assault course for older kids and a large football field. If thats not enough, the play areas have unrestricted sea views and plenty of spots grown ups can sit and relax for a little while.

Evie loved spending time in the play park.It was so lovely to see her imagination bloom through as she role played selling ice creams and pretended she was a pirate.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The climbing frames on the boat were a mixture of easy and difficult meaning that both younger and older kids will get full enjoyment. We loved watching Evie challenge herself to, pulling herself up by ropes and trying out all the different ways to get to the slide.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

After a good hours play outside we headed indoors to remind ourselves of the layout and to seek out the jungle soft play area. We were the only people in the Jungle Room and I have to admit that we totally joined in with Evie on the slides and in the ball pit.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

It was so much fun to just let lose with Evie and it reminded us just how much we needed this quality time with her. We ended up having a race to see who could get to the slides first and amazingly Evie won most of the time! She might be small, but she is light on her feet.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

It is so rare to find a hotel that is so well kitted out for children.But Bedruthan Hotel really has thought of everything. Beside the Jungle Room is a cinema room that you can use as you please and just around the corner from that is a little baby corner full of toys and activities. After wearing ourselves out in the Jungle Room, we decided to take advantage of the quiet afternoon and try out the swimming pool before dinner.


Unfortunately Aitan had forgotten his swim shorts but the hotel staff were really friendly and not only directed him to the nearest place he could buy some (5 minutes down the road in case it happens to you), but they also kindly lent us some arm bands for Evie.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

There are several swimming pools to choose from at Bedruthan Hotel. There are two outdoor pools, a hydro pool that’s inside the ‘spa’ and also the main indoor pool that we tried out with Evie. The main indoor pool is heated and has a little paddle pool attached to the side of it for little ones and less confident swimmers.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

There are lots of places to store your belongings. You can keep them in plain sight around the poolside, or in secure lockers that are located in the the changing rooms. One thing I loved was that they had ‘family’ changing rooms rather than separate ‘male’ ‘female’ zones so that we could all get ready together.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Evie loved being in the pool. We live by the sea, yet I don’t take Evie swimming nearly enough. She’s never been a water baby and only recently we’ve been able to submerge her hair when we’re giving her a bath or shower.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Seeing her play around in this swimming pool has made me realise just how much I need to make sure she gets swimming lessons. She’s so cocky in the water and will happily leap about, even though she can’t swim.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

After swimming we headed up to find out more about our dinner options and to sort out our itinerary for the next day. We’d been booked in for a ‘spa experience’ and Evie had been booked in for a kids club.

On the way to reception we were stopped by member of staff who kindly let us know that there was a magician making balloons in the lounge area. Fully expecting to come away with something like a sword or a sausage dog, we went along to get Evie a balloon.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

What we came away with was amazing/hilarious/breathtaking brilliant. Billy the balloon man somehow managed to turn Evie into a princess fairy with a fully functioning balloon crown, balloon wings, balloon bracelet and a balloon wand which was topped off with a balloon in a balloon. Have I said balloon enough?

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

To say we were impressed would be an absolute understatement. Just take one look at her and tell me that this isn’t every kids dream! The balloons lasted us a whole week and it took a lot for us to convince Evie that she couldn’t go to bed wearing them every night.

Children’s Dinner Time

How jam packed was our first day already? After burning lots of energy we headed to the restaurant for Children’s ‘high tea’. Us parents know that young kids love to eat earlier than standard adult dinner times. Bedruthan completely caters for this and during 4-6pm every day they host Children’s ‘high tea’ in the Wild Cafe.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

A little buffet is set out so you can help yourself to a whole range of foods from sandwiches, yoghurts and fruit, to little ‘i’m on holiday’ treats like jelly and chocolate Krispy cakes. Alongside the buffet, there is also a childrens menu if your little one fancies a more substantial meal.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Wouldn’t it be so nice to go and eat in a restaurant and not worry about taking noisy, messy little ones?

The Wild Cafe has very cleverly been split into two. One side is for adults only, which is great if you have a couple hours to yourself and the other side is dedicated completely to families, so you don’t have to worry about having a messy noisy child with you.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The Wild Cafe is so family friendly. They supply everything from bibs to plastic cups, child friendly cutlery and crockery, high chairs, booster seats and a menu that has kids in mind.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

If you want to eat at the same time as your children, then the full menu is available for adults too. But if you’d rather wait till later, while your child eats you can help yourself to unlimited free teas and coffees (or get a cheeky glass of wine if you choose) and just sit and watch the views.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

We decided to wait till later on to eat, but Evie tucked into a scrummy looking spaghetti bolognese alongside her snacks from the buffet. She muttered ‘delicious’ several times so we can vouch for the fact that the food is pretty good. Evie never even  says that about my cooking!

Adults Dinner Time

We decided not to eat till al lot later on and headed down for dinner about 7pm. We had the choice of getting a babysitter for Evie, using the hotels listening service so she could stay in the room asleep alone, or bring her with us. She was so excited about being on holiday that she couldn’t sleep, so we skipped the listening service and babysitter options and just took her with us.  

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

We decided to go a little all out and share a two course meal and bottle of wine. For mains I opted for the Indonesian style curry. It was fragrant and cooked to perfection.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Aitan went for the steak which came with the most delicious sweet potato fries I have ever tasted. My bottomless pit of a child helped us both out with our dinners and none of us could decide whose meal was the tastiest.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The most magical thing about dinner time at Bedruthan has to be the views. Even though we live in Cornwall and by the sea, even we found the views so striking. There is something so breathtaking about the rugged cliffs with the rolling fields meeting the wild sea. The restaurant is the perfect spot to sit with a glass of wine and watch the picturesque ever changing landscape as the last of the rays disappear beyond the horizon at sunset.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

After dinner and a busy day, you can imagine how tired we were. Bed time was really welcome and we couldn’t wait to slip under the covers in our huge bed and shut our eyes.

A Good Nights Sleep and a Hearty Breakfast

The next morning we woke up after a really comfortable sleep and drew back the blackout curtains to be met with a gorgeous sunny day. We’d been booked in for a ‘spa experience’ day and Evie had a kids club in the morning so we got ready and headed straight up to get our breakfast and plan our day. 

Evie was very impressed with breakfast. They had her all time favourite ‘granola’ as well as a whole range of other breakfast options to choose from. From yoghurts, to fruits, to cereals and cooked breakfast.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Breakfast at Bedruthan is equally as scrumptious as dinner. A full cooked breakfast buffet is available as well as a range of cereals and pastries. If that’s not enough (which for us it was more than enough), they also offer a daily specials board with several other extra breakfast options.

As you can tell by Evie’s face, breakfast was her favourite meal of the day. She got to help herself to her granola, plus got a little treat of some grapes and a yoghurt. 

Kids Clubs And Spa Days

One of the reasons we were invited back to Bedruthan Hotel and Spa, was to try out the new Sensory Spa Garden. The hotel booked us in for an hour long slot and at the same time booked Evie into one of the kids clubs for our ‘two hour free childcare’.

We dropped Evie off at the kids club and loved the look of the room she would be spending her time in. The room was huge and it was full of toys that were set out in a montessori inspired way. We arrived just as another group was finishing and it was really reassuring to see how happy all the kids looked.

The staff were incredibly friendly and gave us a little buzzer to take away with us. They promised to press it if they needed us to come back for any reason before Evie’s time slot was over. Evie was in the kids club for two hours and as our ‘spa experience’ was only an hour long we popped into the actual spa for a quick jump start to our relaxation time.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The main spa is quite large and apart from one hour in the morning when they have a ‘family spa’ slot, the spa is adults only. We started off our time in the spa in the lavender caldarium, where the host of the spa told us we should breathe deeply and gently warm up your body. After that we moved on to the eucalyptus steam room, followed by the cedar wood sauna before moving into the hydropool. The jets worked wonders on my sore muscles. If we had more time before our spa garden session, we would have stayed in the spa for a lot longer but soon it was time to grab our robes and head outside for the ‘Sensory Spa Garden Experience’.

Sensory Spa Garden

I was going to write about the ‘Sensory Spa Garden’ in full here, but it is such an interesting experience I knew that a stand alone post would describe it a lot better. You can read our full review here in my post ‘Experience The Sensory Spa Garden‘. But I will give you a quick highlight now.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The new Sensory Spa Garden at Bedruthan, is hidden away in a corner next to one of the exoticly blue outdoor swimming pools. An adorable little gate leads you into the peaceful space where you meet your host.

The host explained to us that the hour long outdoor experience had been designed to invigorate all of our senses. Our time here would include a session in the cedar wood sauna, a dip in a hot tub, a warming foot bath, exfoliating showers and the daring ‘cold drench’.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

The hour slot takes you through seven different stages in total. All of which have been inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space. Each stage also draws on all your senses including sights, sounds, aromas and textures.

From the body scrubs, to the scents in the sauna, to the warmth of the hot tub, this was hands down the most intriguing experience I’ve had in a long time.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

It was such a relaxing hour and was so lovely to share as a couple. We both came away feeling so refreshed with our bodies silky soft from all the products we got to try out.

The end stage was the perfect time to reflect on what we’d just experienced. As we sat around the fire pit with our feet immersed in warm copper foot baths, with a hot, herbal drink in our hands, we reflected on how amazing this little retreat had been.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

Bedruthan Steps gave us such a great opportunity to not only spend quality time with Evie, but to spend relaxing time together. Something that is so rare when you have everyday life, work and children to think about.

When our time in the garden was up, we made a quick stop in the spa lounge to indulge in a warming chai latte and a yummy little energy ball. Then we headed to the kids club to pick up an excitable Evie who told us all about the friends she had made and the toys she had played with.

Family Holiday To Bedruthan Steps Hotel And Spa

We headed into Padstow for the afternoon. After a little mooch around the shops (I forgot my camera so won’t be able to share this with you) we headed over to Watergate bay for a delicious dinner at Zacrys before coming back to the hotel for our final sleep.

Our stay at Bedruthan was coming to an end. We both had to rush back early the next morning for a variety of appointments and work commitments. The hotel were so lovely and gave us a little breakfast to take away when we checked out.

Will We Be Returning For A Family Holiday To Bedruthan Hotel And Spa?

We were so sad to pack the car. When we pulled away we promised each other we’d be back again soon to stay. Just like I said at the beginning of this post, Bedruthan Hotel and Spa is the most parent friendly hotel I have ever been to. We all came away feeling so happy, closer as a family and so refreshed.

I’m so glad I got to go back and experience some of the new features at the hotel. Our stay was really idyllic. Everything from the spa garden, to the food, to the playtime with Evie was absolutely perfect. We’re sure it won’t be long before we come back again.

What do you think of Bedruthan Hotel and Spa? Is it a place you would consider staying at with your family? Let me know in the comments below. 



  1. June 2, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Oh my gosh, this looks incredible! I wanna go sooo bad.

    • June 3, 2017 / 6:07 pm

      Wait till you see my next post about the Sensory Spa Experience Emma! Honestly, it is such a perfect hotel. It’s only about 5 minutes from Watergate Bay and they spa and restaurants are open to the public too! If you have the chance to stay here, definitely do! They have baby and toddler packages online where you can get two hours free childcare included for every day of your stay. They also have a listening service and babysitting service if you want to go out in the evening, or if you’re there for lots of family and bonding time then there is so much to do as a family. I cannot tell you how much I love this hotel. It is so perfect! 😀 xxx

  2. June 12, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Oh wow, it looks really lovely! I wouldn’t mind a break like that myself 🙂

  3. June 12, 2017 / 9:38 am

    I have looked at their website a number of times Chloe over the last couple of years, so it’s lovely to see a real review from someone I know (virtually at least). It does look an beautiful place to stay and such a wonderful location. And the spa looks amazing! I need to start working on hubby I think!

  4. June 12, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    wow, this place is incredible. I wish i was still in the UK and i would def have wanted a visit. I wonder if they do anything like this in OZ? im going to look into it, i felt relaxed just reading your post…. you had me at FREE BABYSITTING FOR 2 HOURS EVERY DAY!. i was sold! 🙂

  5. June 13, 2017 / 7:38 am

    This place sounds like heaven. I love family friendly spots like this. Sounds truly amazing.

  6. June 13, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    This sounds like bliss! I’m actually just about to do a little blog on our favourite places in Cornwall to go – Bedruthan may have to go on our list for our next visit.

  7. June 13, 2017 / 5:41 pm

    Oh wow! This looks absolutely brilliant. I’ve only been to Cornwall once but would love to come back for a visit and this looks like the place to stay. My toddler would enjoy it too I’m sure.

  8. June 13, 2017 / 8:10 pm

    This looks AMAZING! Such a great idea to offer childcare and the room is designed so well! I will definitely be looking up this place!

  9. June 14, 2017 / 4:56 am

    A fabulous looking hotel with a fabulous review. The perfect family getawayz

  10. Http://
    August 14, 2017 / 9:25 am

    A spa hotel and it is child friendly? That has to be the holy grail! Too many hotels assume that ‘family friendly’ means a child friendly theme park at the expense of adult treats and comforts. This looks like the balance is spot on!

  11. Emma
    September 6, 2017 / 10:34 pm

    It looks amazing! I absolutely love Watergate Bay. We’d thought about going to this hotel for our 10th wedding anniversary

    • September 7, 2017 / 10:13 pm

      Watergate Bay is so beautiful. We’d love to stay in one of the hotels in Watergate as well. They all look gorgeous. We had dinner in the Watergate Bay hotel and it was so delicious. x

  12. Sarah Humphreys
    September 6, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    This place sounds like my dream, as I was reading it just got better and better, a soft play then a cinema room. The restaurant and way that they cater for children is amazing, I would love to be able to afford a holiday in a hotel like this x

    • September 7, 2017 / 10:12 pm

      They do really good deals if you’re part of their newsletter. It is definitely such a dreamy place and in such a beautiful location. Hands down the most family friendly place we’ve experienced. x

  13. Fiona
    September 8, 2017 / 4:59 pm

    Sounds like you had a really lovely break. I love that part of the UK. The food looks gorgeous too.

  14. Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours
    September 9, 2017 / 1:43 pm

    Cornwall is definitely on my must do list… can you believe I’ve never been? ~This hotel looks great! x

  15. Jaime Oliver
    September 9, 2017 / 9:41 pm

    oh wow this looks like an amazing place. I must admit the mum in me was thrilled with how much thought they have put into making your stay so easy. I adore that villa!

  16. Kira
    September 10, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    Oh how beautiful! We didn’t get a chance to go abroad this year due to little munchkin , 19 weeks old 🙂 , so looking forward to next year!

  17. Tanita
    September 10, 2017 / 7:24 pm

    Aw what a lovely holiday. It looks beautiful. I definitely agree it is possible to go away with children and have a relaxing time. I enjoy going away with my children so much I wouldn’t want it any other way. xx

  18. Natalie Dickinson
    September 11, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    I sometimes completely forget how great the UK can be for holidays and I’ve never even thought of looking for a hotel like this! They’ve definitely cottoned on to something with the 2 hours a day childcare included! Amazing idea.

  19. Elizabeth
    September 12, 2017 / 9:03 am

    Oh wow, what an amazing place to go on holiday! The accommodation looks superb too – just the right size for a family.

  20. Laura Haley
    September 13, 2017 / 11:55 pm

    The Bedruthan looks fantastic! So much to do for kids (that Ice Cream Van in the playground is so cute!) the family room looks very practical and two hours free childcare a day!? Wowser.

    I bet they get so much repeat custom!

  21. October 22, 2017 / 7:43 pm

    This looks like such a great family place, and thanks for sharing such a thorough review! The pictures are stunning, the sea is so blue you wouldn’t think you were in England just by looking at it. Cornish hospitality really can’t be beat, there are so many great locally owned spas, hotels and B&Bs that are family friendly.

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